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HappyWise is Powering Financial Planning for Middle Class Segment Of India

"Your Happiness, Our Priority" is what HappyWise financial planning company from Bengaluru proudly claims as they set out on the journey to empower the Indian middle class segment with financial planning and advisory services based on personalised goal setting approach. Read MORE!
Financial Planning
"Most people underestimate the power of setting goals by sitting down together as a family and having a detailed financial plan for themselves" says Nirmal M Jain, one of the co-founders of HappyWise Financial Planning company, based out of Bengaluru. It is known that money forms the backbone of economics & being able to make & sustain enough, creates a stress-free living, making space for all the things that you desire to do otherwise, with or without it. While there's always a possible debate that could never end on how much money is enough, there's a science to arrive at figures that might help your life, that works on understanding and evaluating your goals.

Do you recall having sat down to put goals & dreams of your family together, onto one sheet & trying to arrive at possible deadlines to meet them? Can you imagine going further to actually add numerical values to each of those goals and dreams of yours and your family with set deadlines? Further imagine being able to map all the investments, resources, assets, incomes, and expense details you have, to each of these goals and arrive realistically at which of these are possible & which of those goals would fall short.

Imagine being able to watch all these on an app on your phone just when you head out on your morning jog and then decide to bring your mind together to focus on what's most important for you today. At the very thought of all this, it feels like a super tedious job to accomplish. You feel unsure if your skill sets, attitudes, know-how and available time would permit you to achieve all this.

It certainly calls for patience and expertise to accomplish such detailed planning of life. While one might argue that excessive planning takes away the thrill from experiencing the ups and downs of life as they present themselves it's clear that the perspective is stretched and skewed here. Having a financial plan doesn't put your life onto a marking in stone that you can't erase or change your life experiences according to your desires, it only, infact, creates more room for all possible detours because you even know what surplus money you have in your life post planning up all your goals[key goals] that would allow for luxurious distractions without costing you primary goals of life that lead to a very fulfilling and well-lived life.

Financial Planning Most people in India in Middle class segment are used to learning this art of financial planning or put another way, the art of planning finances from their earlier generations. Parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents, well-wishers or wise friends are mostly responsible to help us all stay on track with finances and master this art. This isn't proving enough with the digital age having hit us 3 centuries ago. It's clear that we have incorrectly prioritised our goals completely and lose the plot to what might mean a healthy satisfactory life. It's evident that India believed in strong family foundation and always set aside money for aging parents and their retired life.
Now, with motivations for satisfying life including travel and lifestyle expenses you would be surprised to know that data reveals that this small portion of finance is out of the planning sheet, even from the TOP 10 list of goals across length and breadth of India's financially planned group of people. This is just an example and not a compulsive statement being made that it's a necessity. Having said that, international vacations have taken spot no.2 while most of those families haven't yet explored the wonders of Indian historic and natural diaspora. Higher spends on branded clothing, accessories, gadget upgrades and more have taken center stage while most find it hard to believe that they run out of money for their priority goals like house, car, retirement or even funds during times like COVID-19.

With all these being the scenario Pruthveesh MG another Co-Founder at HappyWise believes that "right investment portfolio distribution makes ways for quality returns provided Indian investing middle class can be given quality education on equity and debt distribution to allow for wiser investments overall". Apparently, at HappyWise, they help a client begin with goal setting and take them through an entire exercise of bringing all their financials together in such a structured way that allows for absolute clarity on current and future standing of financials directly mapped to their goals[including goals of all family members]. This detailed planning is reviewed every quarter and goes through thorough review annually so that it ensures their clients are on track with their plan and goals.

Financial Planning HappyWise claims that these times of COVID-19 are the best times for Indian middle class, working corporates and rising businessmen to invest on having a fianancial planner/advisor so that a situation like this can never offset the finances or goals ever again. They believe that a personal trainer in gym, family doctor, a chartered accountant for a firm and personal/family CFO have become a must for this generation.
At HappyWise they aim to become Indian Family's CFO and stand by as support structure over time to help in every important financial decision to be made. Being a client-centric firm and not an investment product-centric organisation allows them to retain their clients in the long term making them dream about what they believe would be a "Lifetime relationship with HappyWise" of their clients.

If you are thinking already to get your finances aligned, goals charted down, investments structured, bad investments corrected, retirement planned well, cashflows oriented for maximum win-win and optimised towards attainment of goals you must be one visit away from HappyWise Financial Planning. They are backed by solid technology back-end with high encryption standards and classic UI that gives clients the thrills of digital age even with an otherwise stiff job like financial planning. HappyWise is as digitally inspired as they expect their clients to be and socially available across channels. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin by hitting a search "HappyWise Financial Planning" and stay connected.

Sujit Lalwani, also another co-founder at HappyWise Financial Planning believes that "Financial Planning is preventive aid and not something that cures or fixes your financial issues. The earlier you start this the better it is for the financial stability of your financial life". The stress-free experience of life with a solid, clear and detailed financial plan has benefits that go beyond what can be worded here or explained in an anecdote or two. It's personal and unique to each individual and family. You must experience it for yourself by getting in touch a financial advisor and laying down your financial plan.

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