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The Ultimate Guide for Hiring the Best People

If your company is expanding, chances are you're looking for new talent to keep up with demand and take your business to new heights.

Exciting times indeed, but finding the right people for the job is extremely vital for long-term success.

You can search the internet, talk to recruiters, or read several books on human behavior, but there isn't a one size fits all way to find the best person for a job.

The Ultimate Guide for Hiring the Best People

However, there are a few things you can do during the hiring process to filter out the best candidates. In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know about finding the best people to fill your new job roles.

Background Checks & Screenings

Depending on your location, your job listing is likely to attract hundreds of applicants. Naturally, most of these applicants won't be a good fit for the role, but a select few will line up. Once you have your group of qualified applicants, you must understand some preliminary factors of the hiring process like background checks, pre-adverse action, etc.

Background checks will not only help you find candidates that are more suitable for the position, but they will also protect the integrity of your business and company culture.

Look for Signs of Career Progression

Whenever reviewing candidates, it can be easy to simply look at their previous positions to see if they're qualified for the job. However, there are more insights you should look out for when reviewing their resume.

If you're looking to fill an above entry-level role, you should look for signs of career progression. Candidates that move up the ladder are more likely to have key attributes like personal initiative, competency, and working well in teams.

If a candidate hasn't shown any signs of progression, then they may not be ready for a leadership role.

Don't Undervalue Potential

It's natural to only want candidates with a certain skill set. However, try not to underplay the value of potential.

If someone seems like they're competent but is missing a few qualifications, try giving them some specialized tests to see how they do.

A candidate that has a good attitude and is quick to learn new skills can bring tremendous value to your organization under the right guidance. Even if they aren't qualified for the role they're applying for, keep their contact in your back pocket for future positions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Deep Questions During Interviews

While asking deep questions about a candidate's personal life is usually off-limits, that doesn't mean you can't get deep into their previous work experience. You can ask them about when they were in a difficult situation at work and how they overcame it.

However, look for honesty rather than achievement. Sometimes, candidates that can expose their vulnerability are more inclined to improve and accept criticism.

What's more, behavior-oriented questions can determine how well the candidate will work within your company and current employees. Of course, we all want team players and lone wolves are typically not good in the long run. Therefore, try and pinpoint how well the candidate works in groups and while under pressure.

Final Thoughts

Hiring new people can be both exciting and daunting depending on which route you take. Remember, acquiring new talent for your company is a long-term play. Taking shortcuts will only hurt you in the future. If you're in a rush to hire new employees, shift a significant amount of your resources toward the hiring process to ensure you make the best decision possible.

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