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PortraitFlip: A Business That Was Inspired For Unique Gifting

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PortraitFlip PortraitFlip helps create an unforgettable gifting experience for its customers. It understands the most arduous task of finding the perfect gift and introduces a modern way of gifting.

Think that you want to offer your loved one a unique present. You want it to be personalized and creative both at the same time.

So that’s what PortraitFlip is endeavoring to do for you.

They help you with the perfect gift that would always deepen your relationship with your dear ones. As art is underrated but an everlasting token like a handmade painting can be emotionally governing.

PortraitFlip brings home the perfect customized gift, making you the ideal present giver. Founded by Sunny Choudhary in 2018, PortraitFlip paints your favorite moments into an everlasting memory.

How Was This Unique Idea Born?

This company was the fruit of an ardent yearning for a special gift for a special someone. Our founder Sunny Choudhary was in his final year of engineering when he had his eureka moment.

One of his friends wanted to gift a handmade painting to his significant other but couldn’t find a steady and honest service online.

Despite the abundance of artists across the globe, he couldn't find a single company that would make a handmade portrait from a photo.

There were some companies that provided this service and the ones that did, cost almost an arm and leg to get that painting delivered.

He felt that there was a gap that was required to be filled and took this opportunity to build PortraitFlip.

That’s how PortraitFlip was born to bridge the gap between the heroes of the art universe and the world that hardly knew about their brilliance.


Inspiration 101

A journey of building something of your own and making a mark in the industry wasn’t an easy one for Sunny!

The clock had hit the zero hour for him when the company did not receive any orders for almost three months after launch. We all know that moment when we keep trying hard to achieve something and all our efforts go in vain. It was something similar for Sunny as well!

But that did not stop him from trying, as he took those failures as a learning curve. That’s when he started examining his competitors in the market and found out about how Google and Facebook Ads aided them in excellent marketing strategies.

He was finally able tobuild up a venture that created a wonderful gifting experience while also paving a resourceful way for the artist community.

From a company that had no orders to a turnover in big numbers today, providing an opportunity to more than 200 artists across the world he successfully built PortraitFlip. What kept Sunny going throughout this journey was the belief he had in his vision of making his wonderful idea into a successful reality.

Key Take-Aways

Sunny was able to achieve his goal as a successful entrepreneur due to his disciplined business practices.

Sunny said, “When it comes to a service provider the vital factors to scrutinize are the satisfaction of the customer and the uniqueness of the product. Customers often look for something that they can’t find elsewhere”. That’s how the team came up with the proposition for their amazing compilation portraits! Being able to incorporate a lost loved one in a family picture was like a blessing for all those who have lost their dear ones. They could finally feel their presence through these compilation portraits from PortraitFlip. It’s an absolute winner category on their website.

PortraitFlip The aim was, “to intimately understand the customer attitude and needs to whom our products and services were targeted. It is also essential to feel personally connected to them in a way that unleashed their likes and dislikes”, Sunny said. He mainly focused on offering a line of new products and services in response to societal needs. An idea that solely came to him when he realized that there weren’t great avenues for a person to purchase a custom portrait.

Bare hearts and walls could be now filled with portraits of your most favorite memory or rather your most favorite person.

Click here to see how PortraitFlip converts a photo into a painting.

PortraitFlip and its artists were the ones who made this happen by bringing the customer’s dream to a beautiful reality on canvas.

The bottom line is that in the end if you have the will and determination to put your heart and soul into something no pitfall could stop you from achieving what you want.

So your key takeaways for building a successful business are as follows:

1) Advancing into a truly ingenious product

2) Creating a new business model Devising a better or cheaper version of an existing product So don’t wait to take your story from a start-up to success.
Image Credits: PortraitFlip

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