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Why Truck Accidents are More Dangerous Than Car Accidents?

Truck Accidents are More Dangerous Than Car Accidents The truck-truck accident is considered the most dangerous type of motor vehicle accident. It manifests two types of accidents combined from two categories: the collision between a car and a truck and the clash between two trucks. This type of crash happens because cars are not designed for large objects like trucks. After all, even if they were, it would not be enough to prevent severe injuries in this type of crash. Also, the length of the truck makes them more likely to strike the driver’s side door. For example, if a car were fast enough to crash into a truck and then immediately pull away after impact, a second collision would occur with the front or rear of the car. Contact truck accident lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, to discuss your legal options following a truck accident and to seek compensation for your damages.

Reasons Why Truck Accidents are More Dangerous Than Car Accidents:

1. Trucks are more prominent and heavier.

Trucks are much larger and heavier than cars, making them harder for vehicles to maneuver out of the way. Truck-truck crashes also tend to be much more severe than car-car crashes because trucks are more prominent and heavier. Injuries sustained in a truck accident will almost always be more potent because the metal frame of a car is more robust, stiffer, and more severe than most metal frames of vehicles.

2. Trucks are not designed to maneuver very well.

Trucks do not often have the power to maneuver around other cars, so if a vehicle is hit from behind by another vehicle, it will most likely be unable to move and plow right into the vehicle. Therefore, cars can take evasive maneuvers around trucks with little risk of being involved in a crash with a large metal object like a truck.

3. Trucks have longer blind spots and cannot see cars.

Car drivers may have a hard time seeing trucks because the larger size and height of trucks will cut the driver’s vision, making it more challenging to see those vehicles on the road. Most trucks are also equipped with mirrors to help the driver see behind the car, but trucks still have longer blind spots than cars. For this reason, trailers need to use pull cables or other safety devices to warn drivers of oncoming traffic.

Truck Accidents are More Dangerous Than Car Accidents 4. You can cause more damage with a truck than you can by crashing with another car.

There is a greater chance of someone being injured or killed in a car-car accident because a car is much lighter than a truck. However, this does not mean that the driver caused the accident. For example, if you are involved in a collision with another car and then decide to take the impact of your body against it, you can cause only damage and not injury to anyone involved in the collision since you are only stopping your motion.

5. Trucks are hard to stop when traveling at high speeds.

Trucks are not as maneuverable as cars and do not have good breaks like cars do. Therefore, drivers of trucks must learn how to stop their vehicles when the need arises.

6. Trucks are difficult to see on the roadways because of their size and the size of trailers.

Since trucks are more significant than most cars, they take up more space on the road. The closer you get to a vehicle, the more difficult it will be for you to see it in your side mirrors or rearview mirror because of obstructions from people walking by or from other vehicles.

The bottom line is that truck-truck accidents tend to be more dangerous than car-car accidents since trucks are far more significant than cars and will cause severe injuries to the people inside them. Therefore, it is essential that you also drive defensively. Car-car accidents may seem more common because of how many people go on the road, but truck-truck accidents will most likely cause you to injure or kill someone.

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