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One lightning to a thousand words

It's pitch dark as the rain drops hit the window panes and there is a load shedding of electricity due to heavy rain. The lightning is brighter than before and the sound of thunder hits my deafening ears. There is pin drop silence at home as everyone is asleep. I sit alone in my room, in a corner, with a candle beside me to lighten the room and keep my fears away when a thought strikes me. As the candle melts away in the darkness, I take out a book and pen and start writing this in a hope to inspire you as the darkness inspired me.
As I look out now, I see rain pouring; leaves swinging back and forth with rhythm of wind, intact to soil it were sown in and a coconut tree stand majestically with its head held high in the storm, the water flows through the stairs. It is still dark around but I still manage to see little details of my surroundings from my window. The darkness now that engulfs me is symbolized as our thinking towards life. The rain drops that pour out is the problems, the fear, the trauma and glitches of one’s life, like, it may be passing exams for a fourth standard child or the dilemma a teenager goes through to choose and course after metric exams or a person striving hard to make ends meet for his/her family or someone broken by a friendship or a relationship and the list may go on and on till ages. The problems may be small or big.
One lightning to a thousand words
As every rain drop is distinct from each other, so are the problems. If a problem is great for a person, the same maybe a petty problem for the other. And as there are hail stones while it rains, there are much bigger problems than usual which comes at a point in life. The storm in the above text just acts like a force trying to push us out of the way we have chosen. What are we in this? We are the saplings and the tree that stands facing the storm adamant not to leave their place. As the tree stood head held high, we must also always hold ourselves high, no matter how strong or how devastating a problem is to us. As the tree gets wet by rain and sucks in the same water from the ground for its nourishment and gives us best of its fruits and water, we also need to open our arms and accept the problems and use it to our benefit. Every problem, every glitch in our lives only nourishes us and teaches us to think and act different and makes us stronger for the next day.

Now let me call our worldly problems as dark clouds that hover over us. These clouds may just pass over above us or it can stand by and rain over us. It now depends on us to whether we want to go out and face the rain or sit locked up in the room fearing to get wet. If we are scared to get wet or in sense face the problems, we will never learn to face it, to solve it or to learn from it, we will stand back from others and stand in the same page always all our life. But if we build enough courage to actually go out, we get new experiences, new insights and life changing thoughts. We get to see our reality and accept them at face value at least. We start enjoying our lives because how can we call a life beautiful without a little suffering? It is like eating an ice cream and catching a cold yet happy to have them. It is like getting wet and coming home with contentment on your face even after knowing that you will fall ill. Just as two clouds clash each other and make sound and give out light, the same way you have to clash with the problems which give a new perspective or light on how to find new solutions for new problems. The lightning acts like a torch to show you way in your darkness. The only thing you have to do is get out of the cover, go out, and face the world, because the universe holds out something new for everyone here. Some people may be slow and some fast in their life. Don’t lose hopes. Everyone has their own pace to do their work. Follow your pace, your path and take your time to reach the goal or overcome your problem. Just make yourself strong and nothing can break you to pieces, not even the lightning. You have to make sure you stand adamant like the tree in any circumstance and smile openly and defeat the fears. With everything that happens in our life, there is always a lesson for us to learn. Remind yourself always that you are brave and you can break through any negative thought and any raindrop and achieve everything you have dreamt.

As I write the last line, I look out of the window and grin at my own words and plan to close the pen and book, blow off the candle and hug a pillow in order to fight my fear and get up brave the next day with a new day with new rays and as the saying goes – with every night comes a new morning with new hopes, new aspirations and renewed courage to fight a new dark cloud covering the sun.

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Shredha Narayanan
An Aspiring Journalist doing her under graduation

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