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But who knew hardships are actually hard, until we entered this real world

Life's a never-ending cycle of hard times and the good ones, but although we believe we can overcome them with our persistence, it gets harder and harder every time a new and an even challenging situation occurs. What do you do at such times? How do you hold onto what you plan to do? Will you ever be able to cross all those hurdles?
Most of us are struggling to calm our souls for the impalpable future manages to grow doubt and fear within us. We struggle. We struggle to be what we believe we are capable of. We struggle to keep things in place. We struggle to trust ourselves. We struggle to continue. Sometimes no amount of funny memes or motivational text manages to cheer us up. We just choose to look into the reality and make our ourselves feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.
From uneasiness to depression, it just takes a few hours of staring the walls and letting tears travel the length of your face, to accept that things aren't working. The fact is they never will, at least not as flawlessly and easily as you desire. So now, what to do? Sit and crib about it? Yes, maybe. We can do that for a few days. But after that it too gets boring. Trust me, I have tried. If you are currently going through a hardship and find it heavily impacting your mental well-being to the point where you are experiencing low or depressed feelings, find out if these feelings may be related to depression in this article from BetterHelp. 

Go out for walk. Meditate. Talk about it. Sleep. Have sex. The list goes on and on. Remedies and suggestions will flow from every corner, when you say you are demotivated or depressed, or even when you don’t, because your face always does. These things might help but only if you allow them to. See, what happens is, such days and such feelings, such struggles and such “I am done with life” moments pussyfoot in your life over and over again.

Believe me or not, you are way too comfortable with it by now, a part of you is also addicted to such pain and uneasiness for we all want a success story, where we manage to turn every hardship into an opportunity and every opportunity into a stepping stone toward success. But who knew hardships are actually hard, until we entered this real world, leaving the prosaic functioning of established systems behind. The thing is we see this struggle as a problem. We try to find it’s solutions. But the fact is its not even a problem in the first place. It’s just like one wrong step, but that does’t mean we have to stop dancing. It’s just like a t-shirt that feels a little tight now, just a reminder for you that you need to work out. It’s just like the autumn, you have to enjoy the aesthetic fall of leaves and meanwhile plan the next series of cultivation. It’s just natural, I would say, something that tries to seek a lot of your attention, but doesn’t deserve it. It’s just something that will always remain, but as long as you choose not to give up, it won’t grow taller than your dreams.

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Manchit Kaur Sachdeva
Manchit Kaur Sachdeva is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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