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More Than A Conquerer!

Life can leave most people feeling hopeless as their circumstances seem to dictate their lives. The proverbial dark cloud seems to be looming and looking for a target to send a downpour of emotional rain that doesn't seem to let up. However, there is always hope!
Many times we look back over our lives to see all of the mistakes that we have made through our journey and allow those negative pictures to create a constant replay in our minds.
More Than A Conqueror!
Okay, let's gain some perspective and dig ourselves out of that negative pit that seems to be unending. Yes, we all make mistakes because none of us are perfect, but are we learning the valuable lessons through each experience or challenge that we face? Let's be honest, there are some things that we bring upon ourselves and as a result we must work through them.

However, it is very important to know that you are not alone in making less than great choices. Each situation in our lives brings an opportunity to learn and to gain wisdom, along with experience to better maneuver through life. Our experiences allow up the opportunity to help another person through a similar challenge or to help someone to avoid the pitfalls that we may have taken!

I've seen time and time again that the negative experiences groomed us to walk in our given purpose. In many instances, the hardships that we face aren't just for us to learn a lesson but to assist us in actually getting ahead in life and being the best at what we do. Lessons learned through pain are the lessons that stick with us and help us to gain wisdom! Remember, hardships can come to perfect us even when it doesn't feel good. In all fairness, I never want to downplay anyone's pain because we each experience and process pain on different levels but I want to encourage hope and that the sun will shine again. Look at your situation and seek the lesson! Once the lesson has been determined, gain assistance if possible and work with wisdom, through that process. Never add fuel to the fire by being unreasonable or giving a knee jerk response because of the level of your pain. Moving based on your emotions can further complicate your situation and prolong your exit. Determine why you are in the situation that you are in and work to avoid it a second or third time by gaining wisdom and doing something positive to avoid it.

Keep in mind that you are never alone and that there is someone that could benefit from your experience and wisdom during difficult times. Share your knowledge and wisdom with others to assist them in getting through challenges and become the wise leader that is inside of you. Be encouraged, if it's self-inflicted then change the behavior, forgive yourself, but most importantly, learn and grow from the experience!

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Anika Ennett Martin
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