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What to do upon an Accident?

A decision may seem inappropriate in some situations, but the same decision may be the best in some situations. How do you decide what's right and what's wrong? If it works once, will it always work? If a decision never succeeded in the past, can a similar decision in a similar situation still become right?
Wisdom comes through experience. Knowledge, wisdom and skills are developed over a period of time. They determine our capabilities and our future. We are nothing but a bundle of consciousness, which triggers the decisions out of multiple possibilities. Our ability to choose the right path enables a great life for us and others. Our inability to understand the situation and to take the right decisions would lead to failures and disappointments. We learn from our own experiences, from others and from situations. Learning is a continuous process and should never stop.
What to do upon an Accident?
A decision may seem inappropriate in some situations, but the same decision may be the best in some situations. It is wrong to judge a decision in isolation of its context and it is inappropriate to take a decision without understanding the situation. Situations are more important and the decisions must match the situations and should enable us to take the best step. Sometimes the opinions of majority may not be the best one, the best decision would be that which comes out of experiences of similar situations. 

Recently my close relatives suffered an accident. As suggested by majority, I took them to nearby Government Hospital. As I was wandering in the crowded hospital, I was recalling the decisions that my father used to take. I recalled that when I suffered an accident, he didn't take me to the Government Hospital and insisted on my home treatment from the best Doctor he could bring. He would ask the Doctor to take care. He didn't care for what other people were saying - he was firm and determined to take the decision. I was continuously thinking about my decision. 

We reached the hospital at about 7 pm and were dancing at the tune of the Doctor, who was asking for some or other check up. I was wondering on the decision makers of the Hospital. We were in the critical care unit - which is also called Trauma Centre. But the tragedy was that we had to move to another centre in another building to get CT Scan and MRI, which were not there in that building. I was wondering why the Hospital administrators couldn't create such infrastructure in the same building or why the Trauma Centre could not be set up in the building which has all the required infrastructure. At a time when every second counts and at a critical occasion when every jerk is fatal, we were rushing the patients from one building to another and cursing the Government Hospital Administrators. 

The Government allocates huge budgets for health-care, but what is the situation at the grass-root level? The common masses select the best people for leadership - but what is the impact? I was watching the patients, who were coming to trauma centre one after another and everyone was facing similar problems. Trauma centre was a bridge between life and death. There was a subtle pause and the God has given us the freedom to decide. Trauma centre was the point of this pause. By giving the best care and best treatment, the doctors could bring smiles to us. By giving their best, the Doctors could have proved the worth of the Trauma Centre.

Many people like me were just wondering on the facilities of the Trauma Centre. The Building was majestic, huge and gigantic. But what about the spirit to save life? What about the required infrastructure? A large number of people - a long queues of patients...

I was wondering on what decisions my father would have taken had he been alive. As against the common decisions, he would always request the Doctors to start the treatment based on visible symptoms and would request for postponement of all tests. He would rely on the judgement of the best Doctors even if it would be a risky decision. But he proved right always. The ultimate decision that he took was getting my mother operated by the best Doctor in a hilly area - without any infrastructure - without even Anesthetics - he was criticised for such a large surgical operation - but he proved right - ultimately my mother got well. I was wondering whether I would prove to be right or not. 

Almost 3.5 hours after reaching the hospital, we realised that we had not been able to start the treatment yet. The Doctors were still insisting on a few more tests before they could decide about the treatment to be administered. They were occasionally asking us to bring a few things which were difficult to trace out in nearby medical stores.  I was realising the mistake that I had committed. I was wondering about many patients who were getting similar treatment in the hospital.  Time passed by and soon I lost. I lost but I gained a wisdom. The price I paid for this decision was huge, but the wisdom is priceless. I realised why my father was always doing what common people were not doing. I realised why my father vehemently opposed the common judgement and took the risky decisions just to save life. Life is precious and we cannot afford to acquire wisdom through experiments. We have to rely on insights of those who have won the battle for life

As I move through the pages of my life and look back, I regret that I cannot bring back the past. I cannot erase the pages that I have lost. I now realise that the most important thing for survival is timely treatment to save life. All other tests and medical examinations can be done later - but the most important thing is that at a critial time the most experienced Doctor should be able to apply their experienced decision to save life.  The passion to save life is most important than anything else.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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