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You don't make any sense

While we are trying to avoid hearing the "You don't make sense" phrase from our close ones, we tend to lose our own identity to blend into the group. But is that what we truly want?
After endlessly repeated "I am okay", " I am fine", "I don't really have anything to say" when you finally pour out your heart, and the person you thought is catching all your delayed expressions and syllables tells you "You don't make any sense", please DON'T BELIEVE IT. For there is no way your feelings and emotions can't make sense. Of course, some things might be way too beautiful for someone to understand. But that doesn't mean what you carry is insignificant. For no two people breathe the same way and no two souls smell the same. But different, doesn't mean wrong and out of the line doesn't mean non-existence.
You're your best friend!
So when someone tells you that "you are weird" or "you are way too emotional" or "you don't make any sense" or "you don't belong here", well, please don't let those words enter your mind and turn into doubts. Because as long as you are are aware of your own soul and you accept its every shade, there is nothing and no one who can stop you from being as unique and as beautiful as you are meant to be.

So don't try to look pretty under the layers of fairness creams, when you are meant to be dark and bold and beautiful. Don't try to commingle, when you are born to stand out. Don't lose your own identity to blend into a group, which can crumble as easily as an autumn leaf on a sidewalk.

Go out and learn new music, but don't forget the traditional hymns of your family. Crave knowledge as much as you crave money. Learn and grow and help others do that too. Turn your dreams to plans and plans into actions. Continue and finish that conversation that you left in between three days ago.

Pick up that half-read book and finish reading it. Go to to rooftop and 3:00 AM, lie down straight and join stars into beautiful shapes like you did in your childhood. Just do it. For there is nothing called perfect timing and waiting it is the only mistake that carries no lesson. Your soul feeds on your smiles, make sure you keep it healthy and let it shine.

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Manchit Kaur Sachdeva
Manchit Kaur Sachdeva is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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