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You WILL love again!

It is certainly challenging to open up to a new relationship after a heart-break. But is it impossible to move on or forget your past? Is the fear of losing another person stopping you? What is it that you can do to find true love? Here is the answer!
The pain of a broken heart can bring the strongest man to his knees. The destruction that it can leave in its path will make a person believe that they will never love again, but it doesn't have to be that way. Many times we don't believe that we can love again because we never allow ourselves to grieve. Yes, grieving the loss of a relationship in some cases can be compared to the pain of losing someone that you love through a natural death.
You WILL love again!
The next step after grieving the loss, in addition to acceptance, is to allow yourself time to heal. I was told many, many years ago by a girlfriend to the best way to get over a broken heart is to get someone new.  The new person is supposed to distract you from the pain of the last relationship, but what is not shared is that the pain of that loss has not gone away, it has been suppressed. This is not the best option, nor is it the smart option.  

Healing is the best path back to loving again. Addressing the problem that caused the loss of love is the best route to take. We must understand that placing blame is a time killer that increases the healing time. No, I'm not saying that we shouldn't process the situation but there is a difference between process and blame.  

Learn to first love yourself! In this situation, you are the most important person and it's imperative that you cater to your own needs. Time is your friend when you're going through the healing process. Stop rehearsing the scene of negativity over and over because this keeps re-opening the wound creating a continuous, vicious cycle.   Remember, you are a beautiful person that deserves love and to be treated with respect! The things that make you different, such as a crooked smile, curly hair or that funny snorting noise that you make when you laugh are all features about you that the right person will love. Love yourself the best and teach others how to love you. Take your time before entering back into another relationship. Make sure that you have forgiven the person that initially hurt you because you don't want to carry that emotional baggage into a new relationship.

You are lovable, beautiful, funny and unique. There is someone is this world waiting to love you, the real you! Don't waste your time twisting yourself up trying to become someone you are not, just to be loved by the wrong person. Accept yourself, love yourself and that true love is out there waiting on you. You will love again!

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Anika Ennett Martin
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