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Intrigue Summit 2017 - San Francisco

Join the Intrigue Summit in San Francisco on 13th - 14th June, 2017!
Join us for the 2 days of power-packed innovative sessions, some serious networking and few of the most innovative Digital Marketing products and services on display. Marketing leaders from across the US will fly down to San Francisco to empower the delegates with intriguing and latest ideas for their digital marketing endeavors. Hundreds of digital marketing professionals from the US and the will share, network and inspire each other under one roof during the 2 days of the summit.
Intrigue Summit 2017
The focus of this event is not to provide you with funding but take you on a path that ensures you get funding in the near future. This event will teach you how to reach your target audience and sell your idea to them. Here is what in it for you in a nutshell:

- 2 powerful keynote sessions that will not just provoke thought but enable you to start fulfilling your dreams right after the moment you leave the venue

- Intriguing sessions focused on marketing, advertizing and sales that will open new doors for you to explore

- 30+ mind bending speakers who will share their story with you about how they made it big and hand you the key to success

- Startup/SME professionals will be there at the event looking forward to meet you and share thought and business ideas

- A powerful networking environment enabling you to find the right people to connect and start off with a strong friendship

If you are an advanced stage startup or an SME, you have got all the reasons to attend this intriguing event.  The event has a unique format. Unlike other events, this event will share information in a different way. The speakers will get into the shoes of a startup/SME and speak their hearts out. No ppts. Only meaningful experience shared by professionals who have been there done that.

You will gain insights into the art of selling your idea to your target audience.  You will see some of the latest technologies in sales and marketing designed especially for startups by our sponsors and exhibitors.  You will learn powerful marketing techniques (Free and paid) to push sales in your organization, You will get the much needed motivation and inspiration to push the envelop and make a mark in your domain. Engage and network with other awesome organizations who have an unending desire to succeed just like you do. You will discover how to industry and the government of India is ready to assist you in your endeavour if you have the will and the passion to be the next big thing. You will also meet some investors who are willing to provide you with money if you can show them the worth of your startup

The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with Intrigue Summit as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended.

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