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The Cyber Security Conference, India awaits

Join the Cyber Security Summit on 15th June in Mumbai! This is the 4th edition of this conference and has a successful history of hosting the key decision makers in the IT security landscape from leading organizations in India YOY.
Cyber Crime Awareness Society and Cyber Society India have come forward to support the India Cyber Security Summit taking place on the 15th June in Mumbai.

Cyber Security is a global concern as businesses are increasingly becoming vulnerable to the innovative approaches used by hackers. With a boom in startup culture a boom in cybercrime is not unheard of. An industry that is soon to reach $202.36 Billion mark by 2021, Cyber Security is growing area of concern for the authorities. With a move towards digital ecosystem, the agencies, the corporates and consumers alike will have to have a renewed focus on tackling the cyber threats prevalent in the industry and this is the event for these dialogues.
Cyber Security Summit
From the past 3 times Exito has been successful in bringing together 120+ CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, Head of IT, IT security leaders and policy makers for this event. A single track event sees a carefully curated agenda. With Interactive TedEx style keynotes and immersive panel discussions the attendees have a great chance to network with peers, learn from the industry leaders while sourcing solutions from the leading providers.

This year’s key topics of discussion revolve around Cybersecurity in cashless era, Preparing for ransomware attacks, Critical Infrastructure needs, Identifying & Avoiding Money Laundering presented to you by industry leaders like Prof. Claudio Cilli, - Cyber security & Intelligence Expert- University of Rome, Uday Deshpande , CISO, TATA Motors ltd, Shivkumar Pandey, CISO, Bombay Stock Exchange, Nabankur Sen, CISO, Bandhan Bank, Keyur Desai – CIO & VP IT – Essar ports & Shipping and one of the most revered – Pavan Duggal, an International Law Expert.

The conference will also host an awards ceremony acknowledging the top IT leaders in the Cyber security space.

Prevention is much better than cure when it comes to cyber security, especially when we are at the periphery of entering a new realm of highly integrated digital ecosystems. The conference is an attempt to strike the right conversations at the right time.” Says Rishikesh Shetty, MD – Exito Media Concepts. The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with the Cyber Security Summit as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended.

About Exito -  Exito is a business solutions company which constructs tailor made solutions and content by designing a platform that would provide new business Opportunities and business solutions to our clients

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