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May 17: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

You are sure to go back with a fresh and inspiring mind when you finish this read, with these lessons from the 5 great leaders born this day, whose journeys of persistence, courage, determination, innovation and humble sacrifices, shall live through eternity!

1. “Your behaviour and attitudes are the ones that shape your life and carve your growth.”

More than what you’ve done, what you are determines your destiny. The positive way you chose to live, the more positive is what your life offers you. Becoming a better person, spreading goodness, learning from your mistakes and helping others to raise them certainly improve your style and way of living life. All your achievements and victories which you obtain in your professional life remain secondary when it comes to your personal life. What you are as a person is the only major influence that influences success to enter your life. Your career profile doesn’t truly help you enjoy a contented life but a clean and a positive persona of yours brings peace and purest form of satisfaction to you. So isn’t this a real success?

Odd Hassel focused on becoming a better person than becoming an achiever. Success automatically decorates your life and identity when you are good as a person. He believed that making his thoughts, behavior and deeds better would automatically help him win. The Norwegian physical chemist and Nobel Laureate spent more than half a year in Munich laboratory. He worked hard to learn with a pure and innocent mind than expecting. He was known for his work on the sensibilization of silver halides by organic dyes, which eventually took the name, adsorption indicators.

2. “Reward yourself with what can cheer you, every time you achieve a goal. Only you know what can help you work more and better.”

All of us strive hard to attain proficiency in all that we do. But remember, you got to constantly and consistently measure your performance every day not to really anticipate growth but to welcome it soon. We give our time, energy, dedication and give away all our comforts, pleasures, fun and enjoyment just to give our 100% in whatever we do. So isn’t it necessary to meet improvements, empowerments and developments in the job that you sign? If there is not much improvement in what you do then it’s again your responsibility to bring some in your life. See what can convince your mind to produce the best of the best quality of work. Your job is something that lays your bread and butter on the table every day for you, so it is your duty to ensure the standard of your work has reached its peak.

Looking after his business and making it the best was the chief motive of Harry Männil. He rewarded himself when there was a huge progress in his career. He never compromised on the quality of work and thus, he stood as inspiration to all. The Estonian businessman, art collector, and cultural benefactor was a successful businessman and part owner of ACO Group. The philanthropist also served as a director of Caracas Athenaeum. Founding Eduard Wiiralt Gallery in Estonian National Library, he was also an advisor for the Museum of Modern Art.

3. “Always remember, risk lies in leading a riskless life.”

When you leave your life to happen in its way, when you don’t let even a single drop of sweat to flow down from your skin, when you don’t focus on what’s on plate but just find ways to enjoy by not stepping out of your comfort zone, how can your dreams come true? Living the present is important. Living in the present to build your future is important; what is more important than living in present is to have fun for that moment of time. Planning, coming out of your comfort zone to live the best way of life which you desire and get the title of an achiever to yourself is definitely possible but costs a lot of determination, efforts and spirit. Focus on opportunities, dive into ways to win and make your journey, a success story. So it is better to risk by starting rather than making way for a long term risk which may ruin your life.

Jean Rédélé had all the courage to not just accept risks but also to face them. An entrepreneur needs all the guts to make decisions and take steps accordingly. Every small move in the life of a businessman is important. In spite of all the challenges and risks, the automotive pioneer, pilot founded the French automotive brand Alpine. Being the youngest Renault dealer in France, he witnessed great victories. It was all because he never hesitated to risk his life to win.

4. “Your decisions, thoughts and actions become a reason for all that happens in your life. You got to take complete responsibility of your life.”

There may be numerous echoes from the minds of the world, influencing you. There are different people with different opinions. During the course of your journey, you may meet a negative person and make a wrong turn which never impacted any development in your life. But, it in fact, de-catalyzes your travel. Simultaneously, suppose you meet a very positive person and this mind guides you and advices you. Taking this advice, you may step up, to grab the right opportunity at the right time. This builds your life and takes you to your desired destination. Now, what it is it that made you lose or win? Is it the negative or the positive persons’ words or your decision to follow their words? External lives may speak millions of words and raise a lot of suggestions, but ultimately, it is you who are going to decide whether to accept these advices and follow them or reject them all and go according to what your heart says.

Wilhelm Steinitz understood that there’s no point in blaming others for what happened in his life. The Austrian and later American chess Master Player and the first undisputed world chess champion relied on his opinions and decisions rather than that of the world’s. He knew that it was his action that would make a difference. The highly influential writer was a champion for long. He strived to become the number one in every tournament he played.

5. “Your mind is like a fluid which takes the shape of its container. Your thoughts and feelings shape your mind.”

Our heart, soul and mind are the purest entities of life. There are like new born babies, filled with purity, integrity and innocence. You got to remember another fact that your mind’s characterization deviates from the primary as time passes and age rolls. It starts taking the shape of your persona! Your positive thoughts make it positive while your negative thoughts make it negative. Your decisions to invite growth and prosperity to your life have a direct impact on your mind which accepts, believes and abides by your decisions. Hence, feed in your mind with consistently empowering and success-founding thoughts and lessons to relish the nectar of contentment, joy and sanctity.

Julius Sumner Miller feed in constructive lessons and thoughts to his pure and innocent mind. He realized the fact that his mind was the director of his successful life. The American physicist and television personality was known for his work on children's television programs. The science educator earned his living by serving as butler for 2 years. Not betraying any opportunity, he somehow stimulated his mind to go in the line of positivity. He never gave up in life; it was only after submitting over 700 job applications that he was appointed in the Physics Department in a university. This changed his life as he started shaping his inner self through right emotions, feelings and thoughts. .

Don’t sit idle just because you’ve got challenges to face. You got to unleash your potential. Don’t forget that your strengths are your saviors. Believe in yourself and make your first move towards success. (Sources:,,

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