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May 21: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Whether at work or in case of personal life, we all want to become better leaders, but what does it take to reach there? What made great leaders to overcome those hardships and those challenging situations? Here are lessons from some of the greatest leaders from our history and you are sure to learn what characteristics made them great.

1. “Your dream, passion and work – all of them have life. If you can feel the life in them, you are sure to grow higher.”

We dream to excel in whatever we do. It is easy to recognize feelings and emotions scrolling in the hearts of your dear ones as you know understand and love them. The same implies to all that which form your life, identity and personality; It could be your ambitions, thoughts, dreams, passion, and work. If you can recognize the real sense of feel then you can hear the heartbeat of your passion; you will feel the essence of life in your dreams and ambitions and see your growth which is hidden in your thoughts and work. A plant grows at a faster rate and in a healthier manner when its planter nurtures it, loves it and cares for it along with just feeding it with water and fertilizers. When you look after your passion and thoughts and give them a special place in your heart, then your life is sure to be splendid.

Sandy Douglas respected his love for machines and technology and translated them into dreams which his life stood on. He found his identity to be hidden in taking his love for computers to a greater height. The British professor of computer science created the world’s first graphical computer game OXO. He also invented a tic-tac-toe computer game. Earning his PhD, he came up with a thesis on human-computer interactions.

2. “We all work but only those who transform their work as a tool to change the reality and build their future stand as true achievers.”

Along with following the rules of the job, most of the time, we follow the boundaries and limitations as well. Something different and something extra happens in the world when we peep out of the boundaries and try to do something by crossing the limit. The routines keep us moving but they don’t help us to keep growing. A change in the reality is certainly required in order to show the world, the color of success and true joy. We prove ourselves only through what we do. So, the developments and highlights which you bring would act as platform which helps you to succeed and show your potential to the entire world.

George P Mitchell never followed but set standards, rules and beauty of the deep oceans of business. The American businessman, real estate developer and philanthropist was a pioneer of the economic extraction of shale gas. He was one among the prodigies who employed the art of business to change the world. At age 20, he worked for railroads and eventually ran -shining and pressing shops. He then started an oil and gas company, Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. and built it into a Fortune 500 company. The philanthropist focused on science, environmental sustainability and donated to charitable causes too.

3. “Sincere, true and devoted efforts are never left unrewarded.”

Ultimately, it is what you’ve done that decides your future. We are paid for every deed of ours. If it’s a good one then our remaining part of the journey would be filled with petals and fragrance of sweetness and goodness. But if it’s not so good, then the path which we got to walk along would definitely add thorns and stones. Your thought gets transformed into dream. Dream is converted into ambition and it is your aims which take form into actions and deeds to add onto milestones. All that you do has an impact not just on your life but also on the society. Awards and rewards, appreciations and applause, and fame and recognition are showered upon you for the good work you do. A golden step to be climbed up to get closer to success will all be yours for the humble and dedicated effort which you put in.

Andrei Sakharov worked for his satisfaction and not just for rewards. Yet, he was appreciated and applauded for his contributions. The Russian nuclear physicist, Soviet dissident, an activist for disarmament, peace and human rights was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for all his efforts in advocating civil liberties and civil reforms. Facing the state persecution, he never quit his struggle at any cost. The world itself gifted him by naming a prize which is given to people and organizations dedicated to human rights, in his honor. It’s called the Sakharov Prize.

4. “Never doubt your potential. You are worth more than what you believe you are.”

It is we who form the universe. Our lives, our consciousness and our cognition would make the nature do its part in featuring our destinies to us. Talent is always there in you; you got to put it out. Strength always characterizes you; you got to believe in it. An opportunity is always given to you. You got to recognize it. You need to accept the chance you’ve got to prove yourself by trusting your abilities. You don’t even have an idea about capabilities and potential. You can only feel your worth and cannot see it. All your immense energy is brought into light when you employ it to showcase what you are to the world. You can do it to fulfill your dreams and reach your aims. Situations reveal your courage! You are the sole protector of yourself. If you haven’t got a chance to unleash your potential to the world, don’t worry at all. You will soon do it.  

Armand Hammer trusted in his abilities. The American business manager and owner used his strength to show his worth to the world. Along with his entrepreneurial journey, he was also well-known for his collection of art and philanthropy. His urge to use, multiply and exhibit his potential was simulated when his father was sentenced to prison. Taking deep interest in his family’s business, he took it to new heights. His first business success was when he manufactured and sold a ginger extract.

5. “Knowledge doesn’t have a boundary and a learner has no limitations to learn.”

Only when you think different and look beyond the prevailing stereotype, you will uncover truth. All of us attempt but only few of the attempts stand out. Such attempts act as eye openers which lead the world. A lot of times, we only believe in what is believed. It may not be right all the time. But achievers are those who build righteousness and introduce the facts to the society. Knowledge is immense. It is like a huge jungle filled with canopies of wisdom. What matters is how well you unfold these canopies to understand facts. New things are not actually new. They mean that they were simply unknown to the world.

Life of Willem Einthoven seemed like an eye-opener. He diversified his prospect and perceptions. He widened his learning attributes to win over the negativity. The Dutch doctor and physiologist invented the first practical electrocardiogram. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the same. This invention was indeed a celebrated one as it cured a lot of problems faced by the medical science. Before his time, world believed that the beating of the heart produced electrical currents. But there were no proper instruments to accurately measure this phenomenon. He employed his knowledge to come up with new ideas, devices and equipments which helped him provide practical evidences of many real phenomena.

Living life differently is something that adds more to your successful life. Come out of your routines and devise practices which shall build your life! (Source:

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