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May 23: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Success isn't just about what you accomplish, but what you inspire others to do. There are people of great successes who are and will be an inspiration to the world for centuries together. Here we bring to you lessons from the experience of such great leaders born this day! Use this read as a good start for a great day!

1. “You will learn more when you try something new. Mistakes happen only when you experiment.”

You will learn right and in a better manner when you’ve committed something wrong. When you are aware of the errors, chances of you making an error are less. How can you achieve better understanding of the essence of what you do? It is when you explore the concept, work, make mistakes, learn and experiment. Why is an experienced professional considered superior compared to beginners? The reason is very clear: when you start, you will obviously not stop your learning process by subjecting it to a particular point. Instead, you will start exploring, learning, working, experimenting and growing eventually. You will begin to look at every detail of your passion. This is how you live your passion!

S Donald Stookey followed a step by step plan of his mind while journeying towards his destination. He didn’t just work but he learnt. Not hesitating to start, he experimented what he started. The American inventor earned 60 patents for all his works related to glass and ceramics. His discoveries and inventions raised an impact with took the field of ceramics, eyeglasses, sunglasses, cookware, defense systems, and electronics forward. The research director at Corning Glass Works came up with many inventions and innovations with respect to FotoForm glass.

2. “Never quit what you start. You can always do more than what you think you can.”

We naturally feel tired and exhausted at some point of our journey, but the fact is that only when you resist to all the discomforts, overcome all the obstacles and fight over the holding back forces, you will be able to proceed forward. Always remember that, there is always something more you can do. When you are asked to stretch your hands upwards, you will. When you are asked to stretch as high as possible, you will put in all your energy and stretch it high. But when you are told that the one stretches it to the highest possible is considered as the winner, you will somehow generate more energy and use it. You will see that you stretch your hands a little more high than what you previously did. This is the power of you spirit. We can always do more than we’ve done and more than what we feel, we can do.

Robert Moog also had problems to face, obstacles to overcome and discomforts to resist. Yet, knowing that proceeding is the only solution, he never quit what he started. He was the founder of Moog Music. The American engineer and pioneer of electronic music established two companies for manufacturing electronic musical instruments. It was not easy for him to start his early developmental work on the components of the synthesizer. He had to leave his namesake firm and frame a path that could lead him to his interests.

3. “When you look at things, you will only get to know. But when you look into things, you will actually learn.”

When you dedicate yourself to what you do, whatever you do will be valued. You shall learn, understand and acquire a little knowledge than usual when you devote your mind and tell yourself that you want to learn. Only pure feelings without contaminations shall sustain to produce something constructive. We succeed when we do not just gain knowledge but also apply what we’ve gained to build new developments which further build our domains higher. Don’t just see things; look deep within them because that’s how you get introduced to every minute detail. You got to switch through the canopies of knowledge to relish it, fulfill your thirst to learn and excel at all that you do. However, don’t fail to forget that you need to look into things to learn and not just look at them.

Joshua Lederberg didn’t stop after knowing something; he instead aspired to understand deeper. He got into the deep layers of what he had to do to master the art of doing things. The American molecular biologist known for his work in microbial genetics, artificial intelligence, and the United States space program was only 33 when he won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He got it for the discovery which he made in the field of bacterial studies. Learning how to acquire deeper understanding and acquiring the knowledge, he worked in the NASA experimental programs seeking life on Mars and the chemistry expert system Dendral.

4. “Don’t worry or feel depressed when you fail. You are sure to win even after hundreds of continuous attempts that fail. You only need to employ perseverance.”

After all the efforts you put and hard work you do, you may not reach the level which you want to. But never give up on your aims. Working for it until you get it is what is called perseverance. Can you imagine a happy face of yours by leaving your dreams unsatisfied? The way you live your life must be just that it ornaments your neck with a chain beaded with smiles and contentment. After you live your dreams, your life may provoke aspiration and enthusiasm in the hearts and minds of many to bring success into their lives. It is the spirit that energizes you to confidently and strongly make all the attempts until you reach the last one- the winning one! The one who carries the same dreams has the same or more potential filled with same enthusiasm and curiosity, even after losing constantly but still fights because the winning hope dominates.

John Bardeen always added a little more to his hard work. This little more was nothing but perseverance. The American physicist and electrical engineer won the Nobel Prize in Physics not just once but twice. His efforts of inventing the transistor are valued greatly. Transistor revolutionized the electronics industry and he was one of the main reasons for the Information Age to occurr.

5. “When you lose, it is not a defeat. It only means that you have a little more time and another chance to plan the celebration of your victory.”

Failure is the stepping stone to success is a quote all of us have heard of. Despite knowing it, many give up, worry, feel hurt and become weak. A winner is always noticed, allowed and checked. Every step a winner takes, is questioned, talked about and analyzed. Winning is not easy and leading your life after winning is much harder because you got to be more responsible. A defeat helps you plan your victory, gives you enough guidance, and exposes you to better learning experiences and lessons. Your winning process becomes very simple when you introspect to find out what made you lose and what you can do, to win. List down your mistakes, mark them as lessons and start learning from them such that it founds success in your life.

Captain James Buchanan Eads, the world-renowned American civil engineer and inventor held 50 patents. Selling apples on streets to add to his family’s income, he educated himself. He learnt physical science, mechanics, machinery, and civil engineering by reading books in spare time. May be he failed a lot of times before becoming successful in regards to his science developments. After all the hardships, he rocked and achieved to the highest extent. He devised special boats for raising the remains of sunken ships from the river bed and many other scientific instruments.

Dear reader, always remember that you got to earn success. It is not an option. Success is something to be earned and not something to be waited for. Without your role, nothing amazing and nothing productive happens in your life. So, wake up and start acting towards your dreams. (Sources:

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