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May 26: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

We all wish to be remembered even after we proceed to our eternal journey. Wish remains a wish until to put efforts in the right way to make it turn into your achievement, marking your forever-identity. Here is something that adds to it.

1. “We may value our desires, aspire to win but we shall achieve all of it only when we give equal importance to the path which takes us there.”

All of us dream but not all make dreams, their ambitions. All of us desire but not all deserve what they desire. All of us aspire to succeed but not all take the challenging path to win. Achievers are those who risk their lives not just to succeed but also to become a line of guidance, inspiring the entire world. Standing at the beginning of the thorn bed to start the journey of life to achieve is certainly not an easy task. Just imagine how can walking on the same thorn bed be manageable. Along with a strong decision, we need to respect, love and show passion to the channel that connects us to our destination. Planning alone doesn’t help us win, it is the every step we take to walk on the thorn bed and reach the cluster of rose petals, making up the bed of success, is what is really important.

Along with focusing on what was to be achieved, Edmond de Goncourt also focused on the path which was to be taken to reach his victory. Acquiring success formed one part of his to-do list while the process of journeying to cross all the ups and downs formed the other. The French writer, literary critic, art critic, book publisher founded the Académie Goncourt. The Journals provided a fascinating picture of Parisian literary life. Though initial attempts with respect to novels and plays were unsuccessful, they were slowly turned into Revolutionary age.

2. “One clear thought can act as a sieve to filter the negative influences affecting our growth.”

We spend more time with the world around us compared to what we spend with ourselves. Even if we are spending time with ourselves, we think about what we are onto and what has to be done rather than introspecting, analyzing and understanding ourselves. Due to this, we often gather a lot of influences in our minds. We make way for everything to influence us, not draining the negatives ones down. The same cause’s confusion and mask the clear path that helps us grow. Along with retarding our growing process, it also blocks our dreams from striking the reality. Hence, we got to think in terms of what can elevate our growth. A clear analysis cures the problem of differentiating between positive and negative influences.

Amidst the mixture of understandings, influences and impacts, Sally Kristen Ride proved that pure success would reach the deserved by all means. The American physicist and astronaut joined NASA in 1978 and became the first American woman in space. She was very clear about the next move and stuck to it at all costs. As a result, she was the third woman and the youngest American astronaut to step into space. Her elegant decision-making skills helped her beat 1,000 other applicants for a spot in NASA's astronaut program.

3. “All of us are born with talents. The only difference between the successful people and the others is in discovering the talent and working towards excelling at it.”

God has created each of us by carving our personality. Each of us is a masterpiece to the almighty who has created us. We are blessed with equal intelligence, creativity, power, strength, thinking capacity and good heart. All of us have hidden talents which come into light only when we discover them. Awakening the sleeping capabilities and energy within you is not an option at all. Always remember that only when you find out what you are good at, you can shine like glitters. Your talents are your signatures! These peculiars would gift you your unique identity, certainly taking you closer to success. We are born unique but showing our uniqueness is equally important. Isn’t it?

Sir William Petty never took long to discover his specialties. Giving importance to nurturing his talents, the English economist, scientist and philosopher developed efficient methods to survey the land that was to be confiscated. He was blessed with versatility and gained hold on science, art of inventing and entrepreneurship. He was a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. Attributing wholeheartedness, dedication and interests, he prolifically portrayed all his talents before the world and founded his growth. Petty was a founding member of The Royal Society and is known for his seconomic skills and static skills.

4. “Be the first you! Greatness in you and your success increases when you start and achieve something new.”

Marking the start is important. Taking the initiative to prove something adds more weightage to your urge. It is naturally special when you are the first one to succeed in and achieve what the world hasn’t. You would be looked upon as a leader and followed for guidance by the entire society to continue the chain of success. Achieving something which the world has already seen and achieved is valued but when you achieve what the world doesn’t know and when you are the first to do it, it is definitely valued. The daring spirit to start the struggle of something which none have started, founds a path, constructs a channel and bridges the world to it.

Jean Bernard was the first to use high dosage radiotherapy in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease. The French physician and haematologist was a professor of haematology and director of the Institute for Leukaemia. Utilizing all the aid an opportunity which he got, he excelled in all the laboratory training period. His research served as the base for many scientists to found different developments. Hence, he was respected as he was the first one to take the initiative to introduce something new to the world. He also demonstrated the neoplastic nature of leukaemia.

5. “True success is achieved by those who believe their worth and achieve despite all the deficiencies.”

Deformities can never stop you from achieving if you really want to. Aspiration is the tonic which boosts your spirit to win. The strong decision and passion to succeed would mask all your inferiorities, inabilities, deficiencies and insecurities. Taking up a journey to achieve is something beyond all of it. It is a thread of purest of the purest intentions, emotion, feelings and blessing that leads you through the track until you reach the destination called success. Rather than using your problems, health issues and deformities as a tool for sympathy, you can use them all to stand over them and declare that you are the true achiever who didn’t win your victory alone but also the limitations, criticisms and hindrances. Achieving with all the facilities comforts and fitness isn’t great but doing the same without any of these is what is great.

Dorothea Lange was not really deformed in a complete sense because her thoughts, decisions, attitude and behavior were all fit, well-equipped with quality which was required to win. An American documentary photographer and photojournalist was struck by a polio attack. Though unhealthiness and disabilities prevailed in her life, they never affected at the cost of her desire to succeed. She was known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration (FSA). Her walking disability was never a barrier for het to establish her reputation as a skilled documentary photographer.

We truly add completeness to our lives only when we fulfill the purpose of our lives. We got to frame methods to attain this fulfillment. Don’t forget that this isn’t an option! It is a formula that helps you breathe through your achievements to leave your identity alive forever. (Sources:,,

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