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May 27: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Living in a dreamland filled with directions to mold our life, we got to come out of it carrying all the dreams to make them come true. See how the 5 leaders born this day mapped their dreams to reality and succeeded.

1. “When all the doors leading to success are closed, use perseverance and dedication as keys to open them.”

When you feel that you are devoid of all the support, energy, push, hope and confidence, it means that it’s time for you to use yourself, your blessedness, your assets like positive attitude, courage, determination, devotion and spirit to accept and learn from mistakes, in order to portray you potentials, capabilities and charm to the world. Efficiently fulfilling your responsibility of discovering, working and completing the purpose behind why you are sent here adds meaning to your and marks success. You are already a bank of optimism, weapons to uphold truth and qualities that build achiever’s personalities; don’t look out for keys to open the door of success. Look within yourself and you will surely realize that you are worth more than a million dollars.   

Cornelius Vanderbilt sought to bring out the best of his self. He proved to the world that it is the inner power and persona which develops your growth rather than the materialistic aids, eligibilities and qualifications. The American business magnate and philanthropist depended on his intellectualism, perseverance and dedication to make way for his success. Living a modest life due to poverty, he received mediocre education but not giving up on his zeal, he built his wealth in railroads and shipping. The one of the richest Americans in history and wealthiest figures overall decorated many reputed positions in life. The influential industrialist is best known for building the New York Central Railroad.

2.”You got to take what you crave for; not just wait until it’s given to you. Earning the desires is what an achiever focuses on!”

 If you really want something, it means that it is your interest, dream, love and ambition. No one give you what you want. You got to grab it, win it, earn it or lose it ad forget it. Whenever a baby cries for a chocolate, does the baby get it just because it cries? Certainly not! The baby is convinced such that, if it completes a particular task or achieves a particular target only then he would get his desire (chocolate) as a reward. Working hard with full energy and spirit would take you to your nest of happiness, joy, contentment, desires and dreams. Sitting idle and waiting for the orders you’ve placed works only in restaurants, but not in reality. Waiting without an action plan doesn’t help at all. Do all of what you can do to win and let the rest happen in its way.

 Amelia Bloomer was not just an ordinary lady with blood and muscles. She had an extra marrow to culture the spirit to win, attitude to fight and energy to work hard, just to not miss out on what she dreamt, craved and wanted. The American women's rights and temperance advocate promoted and stood by the idea of creating the women's clothing reform style known as bloomers. The women's rights activist advocated the changes in women's fashion, which was considered narrow.

3. “You are rich not when you have a lot of money and lavish comforts, but when you have the right attitude, hunger to learn, aspiration to achieve.”

The world respects you, dreams for a selfie with you and follows you as long as you continue to achieve and occupy the throne of success. Who said only the moneyless are poor? In fact, poor are those who fear to stand out of the crowd, those who fail to deliver dedicated efforts, those who don’t make up their mind to try something new, those who hesitate to learn from mistakes to better themselves. Wealthy are those who strive hard to win, bear any pain to any extent to hold on to the achiever’s position and those who progress up the ladder of success without stopping. The nation prospers, our world wins and our hearts celebrate when our personalities are equipped with positive thoughts, willpower and courage rather than the focusing only on luxuries, comforts, money, gadgets and fun.

Karl Ludwig Bühler  was a millionaire in terms of aspiration to imprint his way of life deep into the society. The German psychologist and linguist is known for his work in gestalt psychology. He was one among the founding members of the Würzburg tradition of Psychology. Signing the field of linguistics through his Organon model of communication, he received his doctorate. He was honored with the Wilhelm-Wundt-Medal of the German Society of Psychology. He always wanted to and never stopped at it.

4. “Aim high, expect less and share knowledge. Now see yourself getting drenched in happiness.”

When you aim high, it means you will certainly work hard to achieve such high targets. When you work, you will learn and when you learn, you will get better. The whole point is to better our lives, show our capabilities to the world and cherish our victories. It all happens when you follow the 3 do’s: aiming high, expecting less and sharing what you know. Exercise these and you will automatically feel the difference. Your life gets better, invites more opportunities, fetches a achievements and takes you for a ride over the oceans of contentment and joy. It is all in your perseverance, and love for what you are doing and what you are supposed to follow. Implementing the 3 do’s, you will not just live but make your living a lesson for the world.

John Cockcroft didn’t just apply knowledge but also shared. He noticed that knowledge, happiness and confidence increased when they were shared. Fill in positive spirit, add confidence and color the blank minds with cheers and you will see the world moving into light. The British physicist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics was instrumental in the development of nuclear power. He worked towards splitting the atomic nucleus, empowering the nuclear technology.

5. “Leading a simple life now becomes a reason for you to celebrate your victories later. Concentrate on achieving your goals and the rest will fall in place.”

None are celebrities right from the beginning. All of us need to live, love and lead our dream of succeeding. Celebrations add glitter to your life when it is simply led. A simple life means life without complications, a life without hard feelings and a life without expectations. It is all about accepting whatever comes to you, learning from every opportunity and making way for intense hope to characterize you. Let your dreams be your main motive. Make your life rich by adding methods and qualities which attribute success. Remember that, a person who leads a simple life is sure to bombard him/her self as a celebrity, celebrating every bit of victory.

Buddhadasa started small. He knew that step by step growth helps you completely deserve the big bag of success. Known for preaching about the goodness filled in our lives, he made the mankind realize that each one of us is precious assets. The innovative reinterpreter of Buddhist doctrine fostered a reformation in conventional religious perceptions in Thailand through his Thai folk beliefs. Designing a view which rejected distinction based on castes, he served as an inspiration to many learned persons. He called himself Buddhadasa as he considered Buddha as his master.

Life is not about simply living somehow; it’s about living to achieve. Fulfilling the purpose of life is definitely not an option. It is the key reason behind why we are here. Focus on making your life, a successful one. (Sources:,,

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