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May 30: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Are you about to start a voyage to hunt and own success? Need help to complete your voyage safely? Then glance through these worth lessons which is sure to help you attain all that you want in life.

1. “Working hard, learning and developing skills are all part of life but believing in your future and the dreams is what makes your life.”

Irrespective of all the hard work, dedicated efforts, thoughtful moves and determined skills, trust, faith and confidence stand as pillars of a success-oriented life. Believing that it will happen, forms the cornerstone which supports your life and directs it back to track whenever it deviates. Have faith in yourself; if you don’t believe in your strengths then who else does? If you don’t trust your ideas and capabilities, then who else does? If you don’t have faith in empowering your journey to reach success faster, then who else does? Your confidence acts as a torch to lighten the destination. Your thoughts and attempts fasten your walk towards the destination. When you believe in yourself, you complete half of your journey towards success.

Hannes Alfvén never gave importance to the criticism, comments, disrespect and discouragement which he received for all his thoughts, expressions and actions. Instead, he believed in himself and always hoped for good to happen. The Swedish electrical engineer, plasma physicist wouldn’t win the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics if he hadn’t believed is his work on magnetohydrodynamics. He respected his idea, complimented his achievement, encouraged himself and never lost his confidence. Originally, he was trained as an electrical power engineer and later, he moved into research and teaching with respect to the fields of plasma physics and electrical engineering. Producing the thesis, titled "Investigations of the Ultra-short Electromagnetic Waves,” he incorporated a heavy development to this field.  

2. “If the seeds felt that they were buried and not sowed, they would never complete their life stages and add meaning to it. Facing hardships always characterizes our victory.”

Everything happens for a cause; to be precise, everything happens for a good cause. The aspiring winners handle life and the situations with patience as they believe that something great is waiting for them. If you feel that the hardships which you face are all there to put you down, then you definitely cannot reach where you wish to. If the stone felt bad for the pain and hitting which the sculptor gave, it wouldn’t have turned into a beautiful sculpture. If a seed ever thought that undergoing the germination period was a hurdle, if the seed felt that sowing it is locking itself in the dark, then there would be no growth in this world. No life would live and no prosperity would get established. Look at problems as challenges. No one wants to lose in a challenge, isn’t it? So, all of us would certainly win over our obstacle to reach the summit of success.   

Marcus Birley never questioned what happened. He rather took it in positive sense to learn what was needed to succeed. Perceptions can define and redefine thoughts. The Mark Birley was a British entrepreneur known for his investments in the hospitality industry. He founded and owned Annabel's, the grandest and most celebrated London nightclub. Introducing this wave of recreation and enjoyment to the world and making the world receive it wasn’t an easy task. As he viewed challenge as a sport, he dealt with it in the same way. He used his skills, intelligence, aspirations and talents as weapons to win all that he wanted.

3. “Dispose your fear, swim across the high tides and you will reach the bank of success for sure.”

Choose to sail away from the safe harbor because that is when the real beauty of life can be relished. The opportunity to taste the sweetest nectar of success would be given to you by nature voluntarily only when you’ve mastered the bitterness that life offers you. Acquiring and sustaining success is not a walk along the cushioned roads. It is a run with bear legs on a thorny platform. So throw off your bowlines, anxiety and fear. Anyone can swim in quite waters. Doing the same in wave pool of high current streams makes you get nearer to success. The lighthouse of faith and dedication illuminates the shore of victory for you to safely reach. This is how you explore, dream big and achieve.

Billie Dean Letts discovered that the secret to win victories is not to choose the a safe, riskless and a smooth path. The secret lied in her adventurous spirit. The way she accepted and faced challenges, the way she dealt with the sudden jerks of ups and downs and the way she fought difficulties designated her success. The American novelist and educator worked as a professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Authoring numerous short stories, her first novel won the Walker Percy Award and the 1996 Oklahoma Book Award. Being a woman, getting what she wanted by fighting for it was not an option.

4. “Hope cures all the wounds which tough situations and circumstances give you.”

We know it’s painful to not to dream but to make your dreams come true. We know it’s hard when we fall down. We know it is tedious to start all over again from the point you fail. Yet, we find sweetness in this pain. We find something productive from these hardships. We convince ourselves saying that these wounds are temporary. It is all because of the pure and innocent positive feeling which keeps saying there is something miraculous which is about to happen.  A thick ray, radiating optimism fills our life, mind, heart and soul completely. This is called hope which keeps us going. It multiplies our energy such that we succeed in all that we do. Situations may go beyond our control but always remember our feelings and emotions are under our control. Filling your thoughts with positive energy and feeding them in with hope would make your journey, a successful one.

Jagmohan Dalmiya never lost hope when his father passed away and he was only 19 years old. The cricket administrator and businessman from the city of Kolkata served as President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India and Cricket Association of Bengal. The former President of the International Cricket Council was responsible for changing the fortunes of cricket into a global sport. He was the prime reason for BCCI’s emergence as a superpower and the richest cricket body.

5. “It is not about how many years or days you work; it is all about how much you learn while you work.”

Quality of your service gets hiked up when you better your attempt each time. It is not only about how dedicatedly you do your work; it is also about how sincerely you learn to actually understand what perseverance and proficiency is all about. You may work whole day, whole night and days and years together. But if there is no growth or promotions, then what is the point in doing the same thing in a routine manner? If your journey is on a pause, then you got to analyze why you are not moving forward to cope up with life. It is not a choice at all! It is a must for every aspiring achiever to achieve. Improving every move of yours, bettering every instance of what you do and striving hard to learn and implement learnt lessons helps you climb up the progressive ladder.   

Julius Axelrod got hold of what his job was and started walking towards attaining proficiency, right from the beginning. He knew that his job was not to just work but actually learn and master his work. The American biochemist won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1970 along with Bernard Katz and Ulf von Euler for working on the release and reuptake of catecholamine neurotransmitters. He worked to introduce the world to truths and to discover the hidden facts about the real world. He majorly contributed to the understanding of the pineal gland and how it is regulated during the sleep-wake cycle. He managed to succeed in all that he did only because he learnt how to excel and get better at all his skills.

You get lessons everywhere! You can even find them from your day to day life incidents. Even after getting all the lessons we hardly bother to remember them and implement in our actions. If we apply our learnings in all that we do, there is no doubt about succeeding at all. (Sources:,,,,,,

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