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May 31: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Just with aiming high and dreaming big, it’s impossible to reach success. Along with them, we need to learn how to walk along the path leading to success. This is essentially taught by the lives of thee following 5 leaders who were born this day. Read on!

1. “You wake up every morning because another day is added to your life. It means that you’ve got another chance – another 24 hours to fulfill your aspirations.”

John Nicholas Ringling
You wake up every morning to welcome the new day which is appended to your life. It is a new day offering a new opportunity, adding a new meaning to your life, showering new joy and happiness and demonstrating a new way to bring your dreams true. Value the new 24 hours and make sure you utilize each and every second of it to the fullest in a productive manner. Increase your efficiency and make an impact on the society by fulfilling all your aspirations. You dream and that’s the whole point of life. Dreams keep you active! Ultimately, we all love to satisfy our dreams by converting them to our goals. If you are getting another day to facilitate the same, why don’t you make complete use of it in order to not just get but earn all your desires?

John Nicholas Ringling respected every minute of his life. Time in itself is highly valued. But, utilizing the time in the right manner adds more value to it. Believing in the same, the rancher, a real estate developer and art collector was hired by the Florida Artists Hall of Fame. Co-founding the Ringling Bros., and later co-owning the Barnum & Bailey Circus, he recognized his interest in performing skits and juggling routines in town halls throughout the state when he was in his teens. His spark of interest further triggered him to grow as tall as possible in the respected domain.

2. “Interest is the seed which gives rise to a forest of success. Sowing it in your mind helps you achieve all that you want to.”

Saint-John Perse
We read about achievers, their achievements, success stories and the guidelines which they give. During the course of it, all of us dream to achieve but very few look for ways to do it. We often wonder how people become successful in life. How can anyone rock to the core is one of the questions we get in our minds whenever we come across any astonishing doer. Questions may be many but the answer is just one. It is nothing but interest. Interest provokes you to do anything to any extent. It is because of interest that people try hard, learn and excel. It is because of interest that we learn things better and achieve them faster. Interest can push a school-going child to completely study post-graduation syllabus. Things which are considered impossible are made possible by using the magic of interest. Interest is the input to produce a never-ending stream of success as output. The sole reason behind all the hard work, dedication, practice and perseverance is the intensity of your interest.

Saint-John Perse chose to go with his interest. The French poet-diplomat was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for his flawless efforts an evocative imagery of his poetry. He was able to compose flawless poetry and write ups because he focused on excelling in his interested domain. Serving the Peking embassy first, and later in the Foreign Office, he held top positions under Aristide Briand and became its administrative head. Death of his father increased his responsibilities. He had to work in order add to the family’s income and thus, he paused his studies.

3. “Let ‘attaining flawlessness’ be the motive of your life. Only then you will be trusted for greater responsibilities.”

Fred Allen
The quality of our work gets hiked up when perfection is our aim. Only when you master what you do and produce a better version every day, you will be considered best in it. A flawless work pulls everyone’s attention towards it and attracts the world’s respect. What more does a doer need? What else can add more value to the gift, an achiever gets? What else can complete the happiness which is already prevailing? Grabbing attention is not great, but grabbing value-added appreciations and respect certainly makes a difference. You and your way of life, your work and your deeds serve as inspiration for the world to transform their lives into success stories. This happens only when get better at every attempt and reach the continent of perfection. This helps you rule the path of reaching success.

Fred Allen concentrated on reaching zero-error condition in all that he did. Rather than doing more and more, he focused on doing things with quality. The American comedian started shining through his radio program The Fred Allen Show. It fetched him not only popularity but also lot of confidence to rock his life and face the world. His efforts were to inspect his mistakes and create flawlessness. He was considered the most forward-looking humorist in the Golden Age of American radio.

4. “The only one who can save you, help you and stand for you is none other than your own self.”

Francisco Moreno
You are the best helper of your life. Always remember that you are the only one who’ve understood and analyzed yourself to the best possible extent. You are the savior of your life. You got to make up your mind and there is a solution already. Every tough situation that you face, every challenge that comes across your life and every downgrading feeling melt away or break into pieces when you stand for yourself. Than depending on any external source for aid, asking yourself for help would be more effective. Not forgetting the fact that self help is the best help, you can rock your way when you believe in yourself and depend on your own capabilities, abilities, potential and strengths.

Francisco Moreno looked upon himself to move forward in life. He trusted his self more than anything on earth. The prominent explorer and academic in Argentina was considered and is remembered as one of the most influential figures in the Argentine incorporation and development of large parts of Patagonia. Raised in a traditional patrician family, he searched for artifacts and fossils with his father and at age 14, he created a homemade museum of his extensive collections. Founding the Argentine Scientific Society, he embarked the first of the series of scientific expeditions which brought him recognition. At every instance of his life, he was the only person who was with him to guide, guard and save his self.

5. “You are not perfect; but you are learning and working towards it; that is what forms the essence of life.”

John Robert Schrieffer
We are here to learn. We are here to imprint our life with an element called success. If we focus on gaining lessons, knowledge and experiences and applying the same in whatever we do, we tend to add meaning to our life and bring in complete satisfaction. Whatever may be the issue, situation, circumstance, incident or instance, not all can handle things perfectly. We only go through a learning process. Every time we do something, it is a learning experience. No one can live a flawless life. If you feel someone deals with life in a wonderful manner, it is only because, that person has cherished his/her learnings, applied them to improve and that’s how he/she has bettered life and the quality of leading it, thereby, relishing the beauty of living and leading life.

John Robert Schrieffer along with gaining name, fame and appreciations, he concurrently focused on turning his life into an opportunity for the world to learn from. The American physicist received the 1972 Nobel Prize in Physics for developing the BCS theory, which was the first successful quantum theory of superconductivity. Not stopping with this, he contributed lot more to the field of physical sciences. He never succeeded in researches all at once; he failed and failed and failed! But every time he failed, he made sure that he would find out the reason for his failure and learn from it to better his next attempt.

Let the world do whatever it wants to. You need to focus on yourself and believe in your efforts. You got to not just focus on your actions, but also your thoughts. Go ahead and give it a shot to invite success into your life. (Sources:,,,,

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