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Carol Ann DeSimine Shares 3 Keys To Creating A Business That's In Alignment With Your Soul's Purpose

This episode of the Empowered Living Show is all about branding and visibility for entrepreneurs. Share Your GIFTS, Grow Your TRIBE, Be Your SELF - says the Intuitive Branding Coach and Visibility Strategist, Carol Ann DeSimine.
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Empowerment Branding Based on Values, Authenticity and Game-Changing Genius

My guest Carol Ann DeSimine is an Intuitive Branding Coach and Visibility Strategist. She created The Sizzle System of Brand EmpowermentTM to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create a brand “from the inside out” based on their values, authenticity and game-changing genius.

Today Carol Ann will explain how to identify and monetize your game-changing genius, how to effortlessly attract your dream clients and the power of using story to create heart connections.
Carol Ann DeSimine

How Intuitive Branding Was Started

Carol Ann has been an entrepreneur since 2006. She began working for Big Eye Media doing graphic design, photography, copywriting and everything that goes into personal branding and visibility. She got tired of working dollars for hours and being the best kept secret. She sought out a coach and started calling herself a branding and visibility expert helping her clients not only create the marketing materials they needed but also get out there.

The intuitive branding coach stems from what she does with her clients while exploring their core values and while using the Sizzle System- which she created in 2014. She shares that one of her top values is vision. She has always had an uncanny way of talking with someone and being able to see what their visual identity and marketing should be.

Over the past three years she has experienced an awakening. She’s become aware of her creativity and has even been told by others that her third eye is wide open, she has angels all around her and that her superpower is vision. She realized what she does is more magical than practical and this was the turning point that has inspired her to up-level her own brand. She had always been hiding that part of herself as a branding expert because of her clientele however she is now considering embracing her talents and changing her title.

Alignment, Soul Purpose & How the Sizzle System Was Born

Carol Ann shares how she came up with the name “The Sizzle System”. She was working with a coach who had Carol Ann dig up some deep emotional wounds from the past. Her coach asked her some questions that allowed Carol Ann to turn the words from the painful memory into a powerful program title that is now “The Sizzle System”.

She loves working with personal branding. She has a Master’s in Public Relations which gives her the foundation for working with personal branding. She also has found that as she works with clients to discover their own brand, it’s a very empowering experience for them. She loves mixing personal development with personal branding which is what her new brand is all about.

She works with multi-passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are very gifted and experienced. She finds that most of her clients haven’t acknowledged their gifts or they’ve gone unrecognized. She shares that the first key in creating a business that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose is both recognizing the gifts you have and the core values you have pertaining to your life and business. Discovering these gifts helps you understand what sets yourself apart from everyone else. She suggests coming up with a USP otherwise known as a unique value proposition. This is the basis of your messaging. Carol Ann believes we were all put here on this earth for a reason and we are all unique and there is no competition.

Carol Ann talks about what it takes to have a vision and grow into that vision as you work with your tribe. She realized that she wasn’t sizzling and instead she was stuck behind a computer. She reflects that often, we can’t see what our blind spots are. And that’s why it’s so important to have a mentor. It wasn’t until she had a mentor that she realized she was playing small. Her mentor held her accountable for stepping into what she calls- The Sizzle.
Carol Ann DeSimine

Let’s Talk Tribe, Niche and Dream Clients

Carol Ann talks about what it means to have a tribe. She explains that your niche is the group of people who have the problem you solve. There are people within that niche who resonate with you and these are your tribe. They are attracted to your energy. They are the ones who are on your list, on your FB page and who engage with you. Within that tribe are your dream clients. They see you as the answer to a prayer. They are the ones who have the time and the money to invest in you. When you’re marketing, you want to speak to your dream client.

Using Story to Create Heart Connections

We all have many stories. Select the story that relates to your dream client. Your dream client wants to know why you are the one for them. Your story must be inspirational and it must show your tribe something about themselves that they haven’t fully embraced or acknowledged but when they hear your story, they immediately say “that’s me”.

Carol Ann quotes “Make your mess your message, make your message your movement”. She encourages you to find the story that pulls it all together. You want to have several versions of the story that are different lengths of time. Remember that people are tired of hearing long, drawn-out stories of your life so consider instead, weaving your story through your talk.

You’re Invited to Ignite Your Tribe World Summit: 5/22/17 - 5/31/17

Carol Ann wants to invite you to her big event coming up called “Ignite Your Tribe World Summit” where you’ll learn to lead with love and grow your profits without losing your soul. The event takes place May 22nd -31st. Speakers include Kendall Summerhawk, Maribel Jimenez, Christine Galleger, Michele Scism, Amanda Goldman- Petri, Monica Shah, Barbara Aimes, Lisa Meisels (that’s me) and many more who talk about client attraction, monetizing your tribe, self- care and tribe engagement.

Her movement is “Sizzle to Abundance” and she has a Facebook group with the same name. She encourages you to cultivate community, nurture and love up on everyone who has chosen to follow you and your brand.

Download Carol Ann’s Branding Manifesto

She would like to offer you her Branding Manifesto: 7 Strategies for Branding Success at Also you can request her workbook on creating your sizzling brand story by going to her contact page on her website and sending her a note.

Don’t forget to check out her Ignite Your Tribe World Summit from May 22nd – May 31st 2017.
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