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Kaela McGuire : Your Authenticity is Your Superpower

Imagine what it would be like to not only discover your very own superpower, but to be able to use it in everyday life! Empowered Living Guest Kaela McGuire, founder of and creator of the Facebook community PassionWithPurpose.Love will be sharing how you can do that today.
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Who is Kaela McGuire?

Kaela is an Intuitive Life Purpose Coach helping clients truly experience joy in every aspect of life. 
She’s helped hundreds of empaths embody their personal power and find their place in this world so they can live authentically and make the impact they crave.  Kaela has a degree in Humanistic Psychology, has studied Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue, and has obtained other various life coaching certifications over the last decade - including dream interpretation, astrology, hypnotherapy, NLP, and guided meditation.
Kaela McGuire

Why You Might Always Feel Misunderstood

Kaela struggled growing up highly sensitive.  As a creative with big and often intense energy, she constantly got shut down by her narcissistic parents.  She never felt she could express herself without upsetting anyone and always felt misunderstood.  As a child, she was trained to conform.  She did all the “right” things growing up to be accepted.  She joined the clubs, played sports, got a degree, and climbed the corporate ladder as an executive creating her own position in the company and nothing fulfilled her.

She attempted suicide at age 13.  At that time, her parents were going through a divorce, she was being bullied and she was even told the world would be a better place without her by a close friend. Her parents put her in therapy and she discovered her true passion.  From that point on she had a deep desire to help others who had gone through similar experiences as her own.

A Dream Come True

For the last 8 years, Kaela has been coaching people and running a spiritual center locally.  She began helping people with their self-relationship that had had kept them playing small.  She helped them uncover their past and begin to build their confidence.  She found her place working with empaths, highly sensitive people and those who don’t fit society’s structure.  Kaela says it’s been a dream come true to create a business doing what she loves.

What Does Authenticity Even Mean?

Authenticity has become a buzz word- what does it mean?  She says it’s a process of unlearning what we’ve been told and quieting our minds to listen to our inner voice. As people become aware of their inner voice while living in the same environment as they always have and around the same kinds of people, they may question that inner voice. 

Living authentically means feeling it all- the good, the bad and the ugly, and not denying those feelings.  She talks about the two sides of passion; love and anger where both can fuel you into action.  The most important thing to remember Kaela reminds us, is to not attach, fall victim to or identify with the emotion.  Not resisting is the key.  Resisting will block the process of up leveling yourself. When you are living your life on purpose, the universe supports you in exciting and unexpected ways.
Kaela McGuire

What to Do When Someone Doesn’t Support You

When someone is not supportive of your newly found authenticity, the best way to approach it is to ask questions.  If someone is steadfast in their perspective and doesn’t have an open mind, ask questions to help break down barriers and open opportunities to have a dialogue where no one is put on the defense.  The person with the most open heart and mind is the most powerful person in the room regardless of who has the biggest or loudest opinion.  The person with biggest opinion in a dialogue is usually the most insecure. 

When you are first stepping out into your own authenticity, people around you may fall away.  It can be painful to discover that you must let go of a particular relationship that you’ve invested in because you know it’s not good for you anymore.  You have to let it go in order to create space for what you do want.  This is an example of not only setting boundaries but of the deep self-love that you can feel in your body.  If you don’t’ feel accepted, know there are many communities around you that will support you and the first step is opening up, realizing who you are and embracing it.

How to Know if You’re Making the Right Decision

Kaela shares how to tell if an opportunity is right for your authentic self.  She explains that when you listen to your inner voice and you’re excited about something but you want to turn around and run and you know it’s something you should do, you know you’re on the right path.  It’s a different feeling than that, then you know there is something wrong.  Paying attention to your inner voice helps you navigate life.  But it takes courage to speak up and be who you really are.

Do You Ever Feel Like You Just Don’t Belong On Earth?

Starseeds are people who are not from this planet. She is just coming out of the closet with this verbiage for fear of scaring people away because she’s been more mainstream in her delivery.  But she felt lonely.  Knowing there are other people that don’t feel like they’re of this world, she felt she should start talking about it so they didn’t have to feel lonely too. Many times, people feel Starseeds are “too much” but Kaela explains that really, they are just enough to balance out our fear-based planet.

Helping to Heal the Planet

She believes that Starseeds are here with a divine purpose coming from different places in the universe to be on this earth at this particular time.  They don’t fit into societies structure because that is what they came here for- to heal it.  We are coming back to a society of what we’re here to do and who we’re supposed to serve.  She doesn’t feel for herself, that the 9-5 job, working until she retires and a white picket fence is for her which is the case for many Starseeds.

Live True to Yourself

As Kaela lives true to herself, she is inviting you and others to do the same.  As more and more people live their purpose, the paradigm we live in will shift allowing more light in the world.  The problem is that people who have been made fun of or have been seen as different all their life, have dimmed their light to be within the parameters that others have created known as being normal.  Kaela encourages you to speak your truth and do not hide anymore.  Don’t play small.  The second you allow someone else feel comfortable while you hold in what you want to say, you are playing small.  She suggests you check in with yourself because you are worth it.

Give Yourself Permission to Live Authentically

When you give yourself permission to be yourself and live authentically, you begin to let go of the attachment to other people’s opinions about you.  Perception is projection and we see within others what we see within ourselves.  So how people perceive you is really about something within themselves.  When you get triggered, it has nothing to do with the other person.

Kaela often asks her clients to take inventory of the relationships in your lives and how many of them are taking your energy and how many are giving you energy.  Setting boundaries is a form of self-love. When you are always pleasing others, you deplete your own energy and become resentful.  You have to fill your own cup before you can give.  This is self-love, self-care, self-respect and cultivating and affirming that we are here for a purpose and we will not abandon our mission-driven journey nor tolerate what doesn’t serve us any longer.

Breaking Through Walls to Be Who You Are

Kaela says once you change from the inside out, you are revolutionizing your entire being.  She explains how your outer world is an indication of your inner world.  She talks about 4 key relationships she teaches in her 90-day course that you must focus on in order to embrace your true authenticity:

- Relationship with self

- Relationship with a higher power

- Relationship with others

- Relationship with the planet

Understanding who you are and developing self-love and self-respect will increase your confidence and create more abundance in your life. 

We are co-creators.  When you have the unapologetic confidence in yourself, then you can declare what you are calling forth.  When you are open to inspiration from your higher power, the information comes through and the resources show up for you. 

Having a practice that connects you to your higher power allows this process to become effortless.  It’s important to feel supported for synchronicities to happen which Kaela refers to as living in a playground all the time.  The last relationship is important to support you in feeling grounded in your body.  For highly sensitive people who take on other people’s energy, grounding into the Earth will feed you and recharge your energy.  When you have these 4 relationships, your entire world will change.  You can find out more about Kaela’s course on this topic on her website.

Kaela’s Gift

Kaela created a guide for empaths who feel unfulfilled in life to help you stand in your personal power and what actions to take to incorporate the teachings into your life. Each step has a different tool that helps you embody your authenticity.  Download it here:
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