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Believing In the Impossible: A Man and His 100% Electric Taxi Company

Here's a business that proudly offers an environmental friendly cab service that has been serving all people in Malta and Gozo, so they can commute without polluting the environment. Learn more and get inspired from this green business.
Led by a man and his passion of establishing a 100% green business, the comprises of enthusiastic transport professionals. Founder and managing director Fabien Courtellemont is a renewable energy evangelist and truly believes that there is a growing need for environmental friendly services in Malta and all over the world. Sustainable development is all about the ability to meet the needs of the market without compromising the standard of living of future generations.

The team behind the eco-friendly company is dedicatedly committed to developing an original transport concept that goes in harmony with our environment. The business proudly offers an environmental friendly cab service that has been serving all people in Malta and Gozo, so they can commute without polluting the environment.
Greenr Cabs in Malta
All taxicabs are fully electric and the EV does not emit any gases while on the move. The primary benefit of this concept is to create a transport system that does no harm to the environment while serving its clients. A single car driving 60,000 km every year, like other typical cabs, will emit roughly 6 tons of carbon dioxide. Moreover, diesel engines give off carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides with other harmful particles that coat our lungs.

Greenr cabs work only with electric cars so no harmful emission of gases can occur. Apart from being a green taxi service, the transport system strives to provide maximum comfort to its customers. All passengers can access a Wi-Fi internet access so they do not miss out anything while they are traveling. To add more comfort, there is also a tablet at disposal in every Greenr cab so passengers can listen to their own music by plugging their phone into the Hi-Fi system. The company proudly claims to offer a travelling experience with zero empty time.

Their contribution to Nature Trust in organizing their International Leaf Meeting has been noted by the largest newspaper in Malta, The Times of Malta. The eco-friendly taxi business also announced its partnership with Green Malta Project, which is a reputed and trusted name praised for its recycling efforts. The project supports and encourages people to keep all plastic bottles and accessories in the car to donate them for recycling. This has greatly helped cab passengers to not litter the streets when they are traveling. also offers a discount to their passengers for all bottles that they save for recycling (one eco-point for each bottle). The company’s fleet comprises of brand new Nissan Leaf vehicles, which are not just any traditional cars. The vehicles are engineered to serve as purely electric means of transport and are among the most widely available cars around the world. All drivers are qualified professionals and are fluent in English with an extensive knowledge of the Maltese Islands. Their uniform is eco-friendly, made from non-toxic dyes and organic cotton. Almost all the drivers are familiar with other European languages for commuting well to tourists of all nationalities. They are meticulously trained to handle and drive electric cars for providing maximum comfort. only hires drivers who are registered with Transport Malta.

The man behind this inventive business idea has made way for other companies to go green for protecting our environment. The company’s services are now functional all across Malta, with ambitions to launch the service in France and Germany in 2018, every booking is paperless… (including Malta airport transfers). Booking online is as convenient as a few clicks.

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