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Mother Earth

Once I used to be green
covered by oceans blue,
But, now my humans
what happened to you?

Why still unheard is my voice?
While I scream now among noise,

I have cared you from years to years,
Gifted you plants and beautiful trees,
Fed you food, gave clothes to wear
and to sail on, gave you wide seas,
Mother Earth
But, my beauty's burning into trash,
Still unending is your greed for cash,

My children, how changed you are!
Now what can melt your hearts?
The mighty land is sinking down
by bricks, plastics, and iron parts,

For you've snatched my everything,
You are misled to be my empire’s king,

Flood of my tears if not wiped
The end will play on its crest,
And, in this whole act of insanity
You will burn your own nest;

Lest that someday, no humans take birth,
that day when you lose your 'Mother Earth'.

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Nikhil Jain
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