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Diving In the Islands of Malta and Gozo

Malta offers adventurous diving opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling fanatics who seek thrilling underwater experiences. The island is popular for its festivities, cuisine but above all for the classic sandy beaches for local and global divers.
Diving In the Islands of Malta and Gozo
For centuries, the location of Malta has been ideal for trade and military purposes. However, more recently, the Maltese Islands are visited more for diving and traveling. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come to Malta and Gozo to have a memorable experience in the clear blue waters.
Thanks to many diving centres in Malta and the clear blue Mediterranean Sea, memorable and unique diving experiences are a dime a dozen here. There are several caves, wrecks and reefs that divers love to explore. The land area of Malta is only 27 km by 15 km. In fact, Gozo is smaller than Malta and Comino is estimated to be roughly 500 paces in circumference. However, the smaller area of the islands does not restrict the unlimited fun Malta has to offer to global travelers. You can say that the enjoyment per capita is high here.

Diving In the Islands of Malta and Gozo Comino is a small island that is bordered by two larger neighbors. It exhibits a unique rural charm and has great diving sites. The dive at Blue Lagoon is sheltered, which makes it an ideal nursery where you will find a wide range of aquatic animals. You will also find flying gurnards and the Mediterranean flounder in the sandy areas here.
Malta is famous for its wreck diving with a unique blend of genuine shipwrecks from wartime action. Moreover, there are also maritime mishaps along with a multitude of artificial reefs. Undeniably, an impressive fleet of diver-friendly attractions puts Malta years ahead of other popular European destinations. The Maltese language is dominant but almost everyone in Malta speaks English. Italian is also a widely spoken language. You can take an air flight to Malta but to get to Gozo, you need to take a short ferry ride from Cirkewwa. All ferries operate for 24 hours.
Diving In the Islands of Malta and Gozo
Diving centres in Malta warn divers that January and February can be the coldest months for diving, whereas the warmest months are from June to November. Malta and Gozo have a dry summer with a short cool winter. People believe the climate of Malta is one of the best in the world.
This makes it an ideal diving spot. All diving sites lie close to each other. This is why diving enthusiasts and tourists find it easier to explore them within a short time than other destinations. Malta offers some of the best and memorable diving experiences to all travelers who cannot plan an expensive trip.

There are many diving centres in Malta, Gozo and Comino, which provide exceptional services to scuba divers. We have listed just a few of them.
  • Scubatech
  • St Pauls Maltaqua
  • Qawra Dawn Diving Training Academy
  • Paradise Bay Resort Hotel
  • Bugibba
  • Dive Deep Blue Malta
  • Neptunes Diving Centre
  • Cresta Quay
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