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All you Need to know about Yacht Registration

Did you know the yachting industry in Malta is booming? The idea of cruising around the Mediterranean Sea or Indian Ocean surrounding this beautiful island is enamoring. The salty air, the wind blowing in your face, there is no greater feeling than taking your yacht out on the wonderful waters surrounding the small, but enchanting, island of Malta.
For many years, those who love the water have been drawn to the maritime nation of Malta. Malta is an excellent choice to register your yacht due to its stunning location, natural harbors, and extensive range of maritime services. And now with the introduction of the Malta citizenship by investment scheme, Malta has become even more attractive for yacht owners.
Yacht Registration in Malta
Of course, before you take your boat out on the water, you do have to consider the rules and laws of the island so that all you need to worry about is what you are going to pack for lunch on the water. There are yacht registration requirements in Malta that need to be adhered to in order to legally and easily maneuver your use of the Malta waters. Luckily, there are experts, like those at CSB group who are experts in everything you need to handle a variety of yachting services.

There are many yachting services that you may need assistance with, like insurance, berthing, brokering to name a few. And visiting experts in the field, can help you on your way to enjoying the calming waters.

Yacht registration

Registering your yacht in Malta just makes sense. They offer a number of advantages for both pleasure and commercial yachts. Companies like CSB can help assist you in getting your yacht registered. There are many advantages to registering your yacht in Malta. Here are a few:
  • Malta has a widely recognized, reputable, and efficient EU-based yacht registry.
  • They offer efficient procedures for easy and quick registration and transfer of Maltese yachts and mortgages.
  • There is a large presence, and has been for quite some time, of a super-yacht industry accompanied by world class berthing facilities.
  • The island is full of those with available technical, legal, corporate and tax administration expertise that you can tap into.
  • There are no restrictions on the nationality of the mater of the yacht, or crew or officers on commercial yachts. You can be from anywhere and register your yacht in Malta.
  • All of yacht business in Malta is conducted in English.
  • There is a large and expanding double tax treaty network.
  • There are also large and expanding numbers of bilateral maritime agreements with over forty countries worldwide. Travel to and from Malta in your yacht is getting easier by the day. Stay here and see the world!

Other yacht services advantages

There are other services that surround the yachting industry that corporate companies can help you with when dealing with the yachting industry in Malta. These include:
  • Yacht chartering - Find the best yacht to rent for the day or longer with comprehensive services.
  • Yacht brokering - Why not purchase your yacht in Malta? This way you do not have to waste time and money shipping your yacht to Malta.
  • Yacht insurance - Learn the requirements of Malta and protect your yacht from loss or damage. Various policies will cover a different range of issues. Let an expert help you determine what is best, including legal liability to third parties, loss to vessel, damage to vessel, personal accident, and more.
  • Yacht financing transactions - There are many transactions that go into purchasing and/or using a yacht. Let experts help you navigate the waters of these transactions, such as loan agreements, security agreements, statutory mortgages, and others.
  • Berthing and agency services - Some companies like CSB Group offer full berthing and agency services along with support. Find ones with excellent facilities and security.
  • Yacht administration and maintenance - Taking care of your yacht is a big job. Hiring an outside company to help you with the maintenance, logistics, and administration can make your life much easier. They can help with financial management, tax and legal requirements, adherence to all necessary regulatory bodies, monitoring, boat cleaning and detailing, and more.
In order to just sit back and relax on your wonderful cruise, look to gain the benefits of a comprehensive company to take care of all the technical aspects for you. Yachting through the gorgeous blue seas of the Mediterranean is a dream come true.

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