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Should You Use Pirated version of Office 2019 Home and Student?

This is a confusion that hits most people and features are often so closely related to each other. If one version has few features the other one has other few. How to get the best out of this situation when it comes to office 2019. Here's a quick insight.
MS Office 2019

Office 2019 Home and Student serves as a standalone release of the Microsoft Office Suite. Instead of paying a yearly subscription fee, you will only buy the software suite once and use it forever. The license supports a single PC unlike that of Office 365, which supports multiple devices. While pirated software programs may be fun to use, here’s why getting a free Office 2019 version may be a bad idea.

How Much Does Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student Cost?

Microsoft targeted commercial-level customers with Office 2019 Home and Student. With classic updates on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, the software suite costs $149.99. The apps don’t support automatic updates. In this case, you will have to purchase the Office suite once Microsoft releases a new version. You will also require an active Internet to install and activate Office 2019.

Why a Pirated Office 2019 Version is a Bad Idea

Microsoft Office suites and the Windows OS work with each other to give you the best user experience when using Microsoft products. Microsoft will know about any discrepancies on your Office suite or Windows OS. The company can tell whether you are using a crack version of their OS or Office suite. A product key (associated with every Microsoft products) makes it easier for the company to track illegitimate products.

Once you enter the product key of the Office 2019, your PC will automatically synchronize with a server. A product key is in the form of an alphanumeric code needed to start the installation process. Since you need Internet access to activate the program, Microsoft will receive a report on the activation. If your Office 2019 is fake, the product key will be fake as well.

Is Microsoft Likely to Catch You Using a Pirated Office 2019 Version?

Cyber forensics from Microsoft allows the company to analyze user activations on software programs. Microsoft manages to identify activation characteristics and patterns for pirated software through the IP addresses. The company only permits its clients to use one IP address for a single activation. A single IP address used to activate thousands of Office 2019 copies may suggest that the suite is illegitimate.

MS Office 2019 Microsoft goes after individuals, companies or organizations trying to use pirated licenses to activate Windows OS and Office suites. The company can rely on details provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to file a legal complaint against you. The basis of the lawsuit is that you violated the company’s intellectual property. You may end up paying thousands of dollars in fines for the violation.

Pirated Office 2019 Costing More Than You Expected

Cybercriminals are increasingly embedding malware into pirated software programs. They rely on this technique to compromise millions of PCs worldwide. A pirated Office 2019 suite may make you lose your credentials and other relevant information stored in your PC. Microsoft discovered that over 84 percent of new PCs in Asia come with trojans and viruses.

While special deals on PCs seem attractive, some of them make you prey to hackers. You may purchase a PC at a lower price not knowing that it comes with an infected Office suite. The hackers may even turn off the security features in the device to make it more vulnerable to viruses. You'll incur a considerable amount of time and money resolving these issues.

Why You Should Buy Office 2019 from a Licensed Vendor
Think about convenience when buying Microsoft Office 2010 or 2019 from a vendor. Consider working with a licensed one like SoftwareKeep. A licensed software vendor can guarantee you tech support at an affordable price and round-the-clock customer support. You can also find a great deal on a software program and have it installed by a professional.

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