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Yangjiang is one of the best cities in China to Visit

What places have you been to in China? Here's what you would like if you haven't already visited!

China embodies numerous man-made attractions. Beijing, Xi'an, and Pudong are some of the most famous cities to visit in China.

The land mass of China is massive, and people tend to forget the cultural diversity and numerous destinations in China quickly.

One of these luxurious destinations is Yangjiang city.

The Hailing Island, the rocks, the museums, and lots of other natural (and man-made) attractions are some of the things that make Yangjiang a special place to visit.

Furthermore, you'd get the opportunity to visit fascinating places like the Courtyard garden, the Lianyi garden, the Jinghu garden, and lots of other natural attractions.

Aside from the natural attractions and the beautiful locations in Yangjiang, one feature that makes the city one of the best in China is the infinite numbers of five-star hotels.

Yangjiang hotels provides comfort, exceptional, and personalized services to visitors.

You also get to stay in a hotel facility that has top-notch furniture, state-of-the-art gym, luxurious beds, and premium bath products.

Yes, the Yangjiang hotels play a crucial role in differentiating Yangjiang from other cities in China, but other beautiful attractions that make Yangjiang one of the best China cities to visit are

1. Hailing Island

Named one of the top ten most beautiful Islands in China, the Hailing Island is located in the Guangdong province, and it embodies brilliant Chinese attractions like the Shili Silver Beach, the Dajiao Bay, and the Mawei Island.

2. The Lingxiao Rock

This magnificent gift of nature provides a platform for scientific and geographical exploration.

Caves are scattered around the rock, and it provides an exciting atmosphere for those who would want to get a feel for some mystical wonders.

A tour of the rock provides a fulfilling experience for adventurers and lovers of thrill.

What's more, several stone pillars, stalagmites, and stalactites are found in the middle and upper floors of the caves. Some of these cave structures take shape and forms of creatures like the lion, inverted lotuses, and the fairies -- and it would make you linger for some time.

Lingxiao Rock is best experienced when you visit with family, friends, and loved ones.

Here's the thing, the world inside these caves is quite different from the noisy and polluted outside world. Lovers of nature and folks who long to be in tune with nature would appreciate the sublime atmosphere of these caves


3. Kongtongyan

The Kongtongyan scenic area has some historical significance. It houses temples, mountains, and caves.

There's a cave in the same region with the Xiuyan mountain, and the cave is comprised of five layers -- it's an ideal place for educationists and adventurers to explore and add to their pool of knowledge.

Furthermore, you'd discover the epic human landscape and natural sights that would make your jaw drop.

The calm atmosphere, coupled with the large families, would make your visit more entertaining and fulfilling

4. The Yuxi Three Caves

Yuxi Three Caves was initially known as the Three Caves Sky. The overlapping springs in the first cave are quite famous, and you'd need a boat ride for the movement between these three caves.

A friendly and enthusiastic tour guide is always available to talk you through the cultural significance and historical background of the caves.

It's an ideal place to visit with your kids. You'd get lots of comfortable environment to play in.

5. Yangchun Shanshui Business Hotel

The Yangchun business hotel is the ideal place to stay when you visit the city of Yangjiang.

Aside from the excellent facilities and the professional services, the hotel is close to major city locations like the railway station, the Kongtongyan scenic area, and a station area.

If you're on a long trip, you can stop by the Yangchun business hotel, get some rest, eat some exotic foods, drink trendy wines, and continue on your journey.

Other hotels that offer similar services include the Yue Hua Hotel, the East Lake International Hotel, and the Yijing Shanshui Holiday Hotel.

By staying in any of these premium hotels, you're sure of experiencing the best of Yangjiang city from the comfort of a hotel bedroom.

6. Yangjiang Chundu Hot Spring

The quiet environment, fresh air, mountains, and hot springs would make you come for more.

Mountains surround the hot spring. It's one of the purest forms of hot spring in the world.

When you visit, you'd see four wonders of the Yangjiang hot spring -- the water wonders, the mountain wonders, the landscape wonders, and the rock wonders.

If you're looking for a beautiful place with clean hot water, then the Chundu hot spring is the right place to visit.

For the record, there are dozens of hot springs in China, but none embodies the spectacular aura of the Yangjiang Chundu hot spring.


7. Zhapo Bay

The Zhapo Bay is an ideal place for all foodies and those who'd love to stay around a beach.

You get to eat some tasty local foods and seafood.

It's also the perfect location for your first (or next) date. During night time, you can take your lover for a romantic walk along the beach.

Game enthusiasts are not left out -- you get to play different variations of machine games.

Life in a seashore is quite fascinating. And by visiting the Zhapo Bay, you'd get a glimpse of the sea life.

Other Reasons to Visit Yangjiang

Natural and man-made attractions are some of the reasons why people visit the city of Yangjiang.

The Hailing Island, Yuxi three caves, Lingxiao rock, and the hot spring are prime attractions that makes Yangjiang one of the best China cities to visit.

Aside from the attractions, folks visit Yangjiang due to:


Yangjiang is found in a subtropical zone. Therefore, you'd expect abundant rainfall and temperate climate.

Extreme heat is observed during August. The summer period is from April to October -- and it's associated with hot atmosphere.

If you're visiting from European nations and you'd love to avoid hot weather, it's ideal you plan your trip during the cold season.

Conclusion -- Experience the good life in Yangjiang

The natural attraction, weather, and lots of other man-made attractions provide tangible reasons why Yangjiang is one of the best China cities to visit.

In Yangjiang, you get to visit beautiful attractions like Hailing Island, the Yuxi Three caves, hot spring, Lingxiao rock, the Kongtongyan, and dozens of grand hotels.

What's more, the weather provides a soothing atmosphere to boost your staying experience.What's your favorite attraction in the Chinese city of Yangjiang?

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