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Avoid the Pandemic's 2nd Wave; 5 ways to Feel Strong Mentally

In an interview with Psychiatrist board certified Dr. Jessica Clemons, she recommends not over doing social distancing (unless you've caught the Virus). Because isolation can make people feel depressed, anxious and continue to have thoughts that are really hard to get out of, once you've got into a thought loop.

Mental Strength Avoid feeling down from the scary thought of know what...

- There was a Toronto, Canada study of 129 people quarantined with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). 28.9% of them showed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms and 31.2% showed depression symptoms. Longer quarantines showed increased PTSD symptoms, while being around or direct exposure to someone with SARS also gave them symptoms as well.

- A Melbourne Australia UGov survey shows the impact on their mental health during Corona lock down. 57% feel stressed, 1 in 2 feel isolated, 1/4 are having relationship trouble, 49% losing job, 38% losing home. 28% not feeding family, 60% not paying bills, 77% not seeing family, 71% not seeing friends.

Dr. Clemons recommended to get creative with being engaged with people, like family, friends, work colleagues...You can use apps such as Skype, or new ones like face time etc., or maybe Facebook video calling. You could also check on your neighbours...or maybe offer to shop for them.

Put a smile on your face by taking full advantage of your time allowed outside...

It's been proven in multiple scientific studies plenty of sunlight, getting to green areas like parks and getting some exercise will help improve your happiness. Dr. Clemons also stated doing things meaningful to you like e.g. yoga, are the best and will help motivate you.

If you ever get shortness of breath there's no need to panic! It could just be Anxiety from these challenging times.

The pandemic in India's caused an estimated 20-30% increase in general stress levels, anxiety and panic attacks, according to the MINDS Foundation, who work to get rid of the stigma surrounding mental illness. Some people are anxious about their health, recovery, being extra pre-cautious and reacting like a hypochondriac.

Both Dr. Clemons and the behavioural psychologist below stated how shortness of breath might make you think you've got Corona Virus. But remember, if you don't have a fever or cough, statistics say you probably don't. So take a deep breath...and feel a sigh of relief. Then another. Then take several more. If your symptoms go, you're probably going to be fine.

Mental Strength (Disclaimer: In no way am I claiming to be a Doctor here. Always seek professional medical advice if in doubt!)

Be picky about what info you consume...

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings said in an interview to avoid inaccurate sources of info' like Social media (because it's often just opinion). The more properly 'filtered' knowledge you consume on something, the more you see yourself moving forward. This will build confidence you're in control, that it's going to end and will make you feel good.

Distracting yourself from the Pandemic and getting absorbed in something else, means you won't think about it. However...

Proven: cutting down time on Social Media reduces feelings of loneliness and sadness

In Pennsylvania University, a study of 143 under graduates were randomly assigned to limit using all social media, to 30 minutes a day. Or to use social media as usual for three weeks. The ones who limited their time showed significant reductions in loneliness and depression compared to the others. However both groups showed significant decreases in anxiety and fear of missing out, suggesting a benefit in tracking their usage.

Help prevent the dreaded Cortisol stress hormone build up with this dead simple tip

Having your routine disrupted in the Pandemic can be a problem. Jo Hemming's says routines help prevent your Cortisol levels from building up, which can wreak havoc on your body. Getting into another routine's super simple to implement though. To start, just go to bed and get up at the same times. Then, you can make sure you have regular meal times. That'll take less mental effort too.

Mental Strength On the brighter side, there's nothing stopping you getting dressed up and socialising at the weekends 'til late, if you do a video call ;).
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