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Talent Wants To Be Free

All of us from this generation have at some point of our careers and journey of life wondered, pondered and lost ourselves in the array of thoughts of what exactly our life must look like - A full time office role, Freelancing, Self employed or simple want to work from home for a corporate. Here's Ana Sorina sharing her views of what opportunity lies in this generation for all of us and what does it like at this point in time. Read ON!
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Hey there!

You've probably noticed: there's a growing trend of freelancing, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship. More and more people are discovering, rediscovering themselves, finding themselves, and beginning to become aware of their gifts, the talents they have, and the importance of time – irreversible, which they no longer manage to control, which is extremely possessive with them. , and the consequences are among the most unpleasant: frustration, almost total lack of time spent with themselves and family, chronic fatigue, and dissatisfaction.

With all the tools we have at hand today: personal development, motivational courses, access to information, and unlimited opportunities, awareness does not delay to appear. Thus, regardless of whether it is a barrier-free start or a re-occupation, even after the age of 40-50, the need for freedom and the desire to feel that your talents are useful and can change something in collective thinking become the main motivation for which freelancing and entrepreneurship are constantly developing.


~ you felt at least once that your current job suffocates you and does not bring you satisfaction

You want to develop on your own

~ you dream to organize your program as you wish

~ you want more time for you, friends and family

You have a dream and you think it could become your source of profit

~ you are aware that there is no competition because each one has its place

~ you are a creative man and what you are doing now is not fulfilling you

You know that work must equate with personal and professional satisfaction, and constraints do not make you a better performer, then the book Talented People want to be free is for you.

Talent Wants to Be Free is a volume without a curtain, no secrets, no "steam". It does not take you by the wayside, it does not try to sell you an idea, and to abandon its explanation, it does not make comparisons and, unlike many books that spin around the tail, it does not say unintentional things.

Ana Sorina Articles

Talent Wants to Be Free is for you – if you tick at least one of the above because it will help you understand that you have no problem, that you don't have to feel guilty for what you feel and want to change in life. yours, but above all ... it will give you the courage to understand the mechanisms behind the success – and to act!

However, although the book will attract people with such thinking, free, creative and, after all, brave and assumed, it would rather be dedicated to the other side: those who believe that results come only from the "whip", for which careful supervision of employees has become an obsession, which is based on confidentiality contracts – obsessed with intellectual property rights, those who do not know, can not and will not go out of print and embrace new development possibilities. To those who believe that work is an outward attachment to life – it must be viewed with stress and lamentation. Because it would help them understand the exact opposite and correct certain behaviors, to get the expected results.

The book seems to be a perfect mix of marketing, art, psychology, and economics.

Talent Wants to Be Free manages to dismantle the myths about competition, secrets, motivation, and creativity. Orly Lobel sounds an alarm signal and talks about the harmful effect that prejudices have on innovation in many fields and companies. By default, the author also discusses how they can be successful, in an environment of counter-productive mindsets, innovators, entrepreneurs, research teams, and all those whose work involves creativity.

What happens in such cases? Productivity decreases.

Many companies, Lobel explains, are obsessed with control, patents, copyrights, branding, surveillance, in a word, aggressive measures that inhibit talent, innovation, and creative energy. In this regard, it presents a series of positive changes that can be applied in both corporate strategies, regional policies, and national laws to ensure a continuous flow of talent, creativity, and, implicitly, development.

Desperate not to lose their talents and to protect their intellectual property rights, companies oblige their employees to sign confidentiality contracts. Orly Lobel shows in his book, Talent Wants to Be Free, that this kind of constraint can only result in economic stagnation. In all appearances, companies would have more to do with research and development if they would give employees more freedom of movement and expression.

In Lobel's opinion, this means being on the "human capital strategies" chapter. In our opinion, this is the way of doing business in the 21st century.

The powerful message that Orly Lobel is trying to convey – release human talent – will change the way entrepreneurs and key pioneers of the political scene see creativity. Talented people want to be free is a guide to economic development in the 21st century.

Ana Sorina Articles

JASON MAZZONE, author of Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law

Obsessed control managers, who are surprised to lose talented people, have some of the candor of the child who, when visiting the zoo, learns that the lion is unhappy in the cage. Talented people want to be free – this is the first management axiom. -ASCENDIS

Every child is creative. The problem is how to make it stay that way as it grows, Picasso said.

Enjoy your reading! Release your creative power and regain your freedom. Be the creator of the reality you want!

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