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12 Most Interesting & Practical Career Podcasts of 2021

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn something new, get professional advice, or even find a digital mentor. And the best part is that they are easy to listen to at any moment, while you are driving, cleaning, or just chilling in the living room. Here's a compilation worth checking out. Read ON! 
This article gathered all the best career podcasts out there that cover all topics, from the job market and automation to the dream job.

Career Podcasts 2021

Career Warrior

This podcast covers everything concerning landing a new job. Here one can find expert tips on all stages of job search, from pro CV services and up to interview questions. There is motivational advice, but most importantly, the guests of the podcast are industry leaders and career experts that give valuable insight. Each episode is about 40 minutes and features stories of entrepreneurs, startup founders, and other professionals that have struggled with their work but managed to succeed.

Squiggly Careers

A weekly podcast all about growth in the career field and taking control over it. It features a broader range of topics all related to the working experience. Here one can learn to effectively manage stress and be happier about their employment. There are also episodes about office life, microaggressions, and managing them correctly. It is incredibly practical and has tons of tips and tricks. There is a bonus – once a month hosts have a guest over, someone who is an expert in jobs.

Side Hustle School

Those who are interested in everything related to side hustles will love this show. The author claims that having them is just necessary. It is a sure way to earn some extra cash, but it is also a way to feel more secure, develop new skills, and take hold of your future. It comes out daily, so there is always something new to listen to. And every episode has a guest with their side gig story for motivation and advice.

Secrets of Wealthy Women

In this show, one can learn about the success stories of successful women and what led them to where they are. It covers a variety of topics, from investment to popular money mistakes, and successful strategies across many industries.

Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel

Jessi Hempel is all about being ahead of the market. The podcast has lots of data on this changing industry and trends. It is very realistic and can help any applicant or employee to navigate the changes with ease. One can find a lot of insight on the gender gap, wages, and salary trends, as well as the pursuit of a new career.

Happen To Your Career

Career Podcasts 2021

If you need something about finding meaning and fulfillment in a job, this one is a good choice. Overall, it is the main topic of the show – overachievers that find happiness in their duties and occupations. It is inspirational but also very practical. There are many tools and tricks to find a meaningful career if you are not happy with where you are. It helps to find your strengths and talents and apply to the positions that fit them excellently.

Repurpose Your Career

Marc Miller has pivoted his career six times in a lifetime. It means that he knows everything about making a major change. He is hosting his podcast on this matter to help those who want to turn their lives in a completely different direction. If you are looking into altering your career path and need some advice and guidance - this is a perfect show to listen to.

Career Cloud Radio

This is yet another helpful source of information for job seekers. This one helps individuals in their hunt by outlining practical steps. You’ll learn how to engage with a recruiter and appeal to them, how to craft a winning resume, and how to overcome over-qualification issues. The guests of the show are recruiters, HR professionals, and employment search experts.

Ready is a Lie with Angie Lee

Angie Lee is both a college and corporate drop-out that talks about all work matters as they are. Her show is well-rounded and informative with topics like motivation, finding a work-life balance, and entrepreneurship specifically. One can learn here to create a roadmap for a bigger change in their work.

Starving Artist

Not everyone is working in a corporate world. If you are occupied in a creative field, this podcast is what you need. It is also useful for those who are looking into this field as a prospect or side hustle. It focuses on creative arts and the ways to manage your career in it. The advice covers all aspects of that, from handling finances wisely to staying creative and productive.

The School of Greatness

The host of this show is Lewis Howes, a former athlete, and best-selling author. He also invites a lot of other top-notch experts, including athletes and entertainers to advise listeners. Based on his personal story and the experience of the guests, the host addresses what it means to be successful and how one can achieve that. It is about not being afraid to dream big and bring those dreams into life. The episodes also help to deal with various negative scenarios with resilience.

The Good Life Project

This is a broader podcast that helps to live a more meaningful and engaging life. It covers the work aspect as well, as it is a huge part of our lives. But it also features a lot of tips on being connected and finding meaning in daily life. There are lots of guests that share their stories and give some tips as well. It is easy to follow, inspirational, and very positive.

In Summary

Whether you want to take control of your career, change it completely, or find more meaning in the daily routine – there is a podcast for you. In these shows, you’ll get a lot of practical steps as well as relevant data. And you’ll surely get more motivated to start something new or change your life for the better.

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