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Benefits of Meditation on Your Mental Health

Mental health benefits of Meditation
Meditation is a technique that connects your spirit with the energy in the Universe. It is intended to improve your mental condition, focused attention and self control, decrease your stress level and has been approved to have many more psychological benefits.
Meditation isn't about discovering a new person inside of you, but finding the weak and strong points in your mindset. After getting to know you better, you are training your thoughts and behavior where you leave no place for judgement and laziness.
The patience and the hard work would awaken the hidden features of our character you never knew you had.

There can be several form of meditation, but it distinguishes 5 main types with great benefits

Concentrative meditation 

The main factor of this meditation is that you focus your attention on one specific object learning to point it out from the mess around you. The main goal is to improve your focus, it can be your breath, a candle frame, a word or mantra to reach a higher state of mind. Benefits are:

  • reducing anger
  • balances interpersonal conflict
  • improves memory

Mindfulness meditation

It includes Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Mindful meditation focuses your awareness on the existing surroundings rather than on the past and future. This form is involved in several types of mediation like breathing meditation.

Mindfulness benefits:

  • reduces negative emotions
  • improves attention and focus
  • lessen impulsive, emotional reactions
    • improves memory
    • reduces depression
  • improves feeling of happiness and satisfaction

Breath Awareness Meditation

It's a powerful way to feel the connection with life and go deep into your microcosm. You need to breathe slowly and deeply, focusing on the way you breathe and counting. During breath meditation you will need to avoid any other thoughts rather than breathing. Benefits are:
  • getting more energized in your daily life
  • become better at managing stress
  • getting well faster
  • minimize chronic pain
  • become happier and more positive
  • live a healthier and longer life

Transcendental Meditation

This form of meditation seeks an opportunity to achieve a greater state of peace. It has a spiritual form, and practitioners` goal is to rise above the current state of being. During Transcendental Meditation you need to focus on mantra or practice your focus on repeated words or phrases. This may be the state you want to reach in life and repeating it makes your mind and soul believe in it and work on it to achieve. Benefits are:

  • heightened mindfulness
  • relief from anxiety
  • slowing down rapid thoughts

Mental health benefits of Meditation

Kundalini Yoga

Compared to other forms, Kundalini Yoga is the active form of meditation combined with physical activities and movements. You will need a teacher to practice this form of meditation. It improves the physical health condition, strengthens muscles and your spirit, reduces the feeling of pain and teaches how to deal with it, and increases energy.

Enjoy it

Mediation is a process that requires hard work and focus on your goal. But you need to remember that you can fail as a beginner and that's totally fine. First of all, don't judge yourself and keep your feelings positive. Come to a state of mind that you can achieve everything you wish. Feel the moment right now, enjoy it and find ways to improve every single thing in your life.

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