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Here Is The Inspiring Story Of Mr. Wesley Chan Helping 150,000 Sales Professionals Perform

Wesley Chan Story

Mr. Wesley Chan is a Sales Breakthrough Coach and 3x TEDx Speaker. He specializes in training, speaking, and coaching on Sales, Persuasion, and Influencing Skills. For the past 10 years, he has trained and coached more than 150,000 individuals across 20 cities from more than 150 organizations. Some of his clients include Fortune 500, public listed corporations, and global market leaders such as Shell, Intel, and Samsung. Prior to being a speaker, trainer, and coach, Wesley was a chemical engineer and a national Taekwondo exponent.

1. What were some of the most challenging phases in your life? What lessons did you draw from them?

It was during the early days of my career when I had financial difficulties. There were not many clients back then, and my company struggled in maintaining consistent cash flow. I could still remember there was once my account was left with RM 80 (USD 20). Thankfully I pulled through, and that was the turning point in my life to work harder, smarter and faster.

Another was in 2017 when my mother passed away due to Stage 4 Lung and Brain Cancer. She was diagnosed in 2015, and she was recovering well for 2 years until December 2016, when her cancer cells started spreading to her brain. She then developed memory loss and passed away in early 2017. This incident has taught me about Urgency to always seize time and opportunities.

2. What inspired you to get into Sales training? What is your Vision behind Vision Alliance Holdings?
Wesley Chan Story I started with motivation, then to NLP and Sales. I got myself into sales training because I had gotten myself into sales ever since my switch from chemical engineering. I was selling online education programs and training services. I realized sales was my thing as I became very comfortable sharing about selling, persuasion, negotiation, and influencing skills. What got me even more convinced was when I started witnessing more positive results from my client’s application and transformation.

Some of our services include Sales Breakthrough, Negotiation Skills, Persuasion, and Influencing Skills, Leadership and People Management, High Impact Presentation Skills, and NLP Practitioner Certification. Our vision is to become an academy of trainers with different expertise and niche- with the aim to inspire a change within individuals so that they could provide positive transformation to their life, family, society, and organization.

3. What is the uniqueness of your Sales training that leaves a long-lasting impact on the apprentices?

Learning journey. We would like to redefine the conventional way of the workshop- having a 1-time touchpoint. We would choose to work with a client on a more sustainable and prolonged working relationship with our clients.

4. Could you share the challenges you have faced in your journey of Entrepreneurship? How did you deal with them?

My biggest challenge back then was my age. And it was purely due to my self-limiting thought and habit. I always thought that I was too young to be successful. This has led me to feel insecure, inferior, and lack of confidence. And the interesting part there was no one telling me- it was me myself who repeatedly sabotaged my own capabilities and belief.
It was during the NLP Practitioner Certification Programme when I first attended that I became more aware of my thoughts and belief system. It was difficult at first- but not impossible. Through progressive actions and change, I was thankful to be conscious and eliminate these negative beliefs. As a result, I am much more confident and most importantly grateful for what I have been through and achieved this far.

5. Could you share the statistical and other achievements?

Wesley Chan Story - 10 years, 150000 individuals, more than 150 organizations, 20 cities. - Shell, Samsung, Intel are among our clientele.

- Received Inspiring Men Entrepreneur Award, ASEAN In Award 2018

- Was Among Top 30, Creative Young Entrepreneur Award, JCI 2019

- Received Gold Chancellor Award from PETRONAS University of Technology

6. What is your advice for business owners to uplift sales especially in these times of Covid pandemic?

Stay close to the market. Identify the changes in consumer behavior, spending habit, and needs. Validate your ideas with them. Constantly grow and innovate. This pandemic is a good call to reminding ourselves to remain relevant in the eyes of our consumers.

7. Could you share some characteristics/attitudes/mindsets that can help Sales professionals skyrocket their performance?

Breakthrough Mindset. Be comfortable with change. Reframe selling into service so that we could focus on adding value to our prospects and customers. Instead of focusing on how to better sell, focus on how to help our customers make the right purchase.

8. What is your advice for business owners when it comes to building online sales channels?

Wesley Chan Story Consistency pays. I would like to focus more on digital content creation and visibility. While many business owners have now realized the importance of going digital, many are still doing it without a proper plan. Be visible and constantly share resources and value on digital platforms- social media, website, webinar, etc. And this would be of overnight success. Many viewers are silent viewers and remove the worry of “What if I have no likes? What if there’s no one watching my video?”. Progression is always better than perfection.

9. What do you envision achieving in the next 5 years?

To grow Vision Alliance into an academy of trainers with varying niche and expertise. We would like to expand our services across the Asia Pacific region with a stronger client database and more regional work.

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