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5 Ways Households Can Trim Their Grocery Budget

Budgeting is a science — one that takes consistent time and effort to perfect. When it comes to creating a household budget, groceries are a crucial factor in your overall costs. Depending on the size of your family, grocery bills can cause a fair amount of stress on your home life.

Taking care of your family is easier when you’re able to save money. While food is an essential expense, it doesn’t have to consume your budget. There are several effective ways every family can trim and consolidate their grocery bill — leaving more time and money to put towards more family memories.

Ways Households Can Trim Their Grocery Budget

1. Choose Your Budget Tool

Before you can execute your plans to trim those grocery bills, you’ll want to ensure you have a sound strategy in place to manage your expenses.

Budget apps are a popular tool among young families because they allow them to calculate and adjust their budgets on the go. Before this innovative tool, many households would look to alternative lenders to get cash online, if they were struggling with securing their finances. These days, anyone with a mobile device can strategize and track their spending wherever they are — making trips to the store more efficient.

2. Stock Up on Staples

While you may not have an expansive pantry or ample storage, stocking up on a few key ingredients can save easy money in the long run. Items such as cooking oils and spices can cost a fair amount of money — instead, track when these items go on sale and purchase at least one additional item. As a family, you’re likely cooking similar meals and using the same ingredients in one form or another. This helps you free up money on your next bill or to put it towards another crucial element of your budget.

3. Know When to Avoid Name Brands

When it comes to your basics — from flour and sugar to canned vegetables — buying generic isn’t as risky as it’s been made out to be. In most of these items, the ingredients are the same. You’re only paying a higher price because it’s an established brand. Knowing when to buy generic will easily save you money on each grocery bill.

4. Shop the Frozen Aisles

Frozen groceries are often overlooked because the association is linked with microwave meals and frozen pizzas. In reality, there are several ways you can incorporate frozen items into your grocery list — which are often cheaper than their fresh counterparts and last much longer.

Ways Households Can Trim Their Grocery Budget Vegetables can be bought and stored frozen and still roasted in the oven or fried on the stove. If you’re making a soup, in particular, frozen or canned items are a cheaper alternative than fresh produce.

5. Shop the Seasons

Knowing which seasons produce the best fruits and vegetables is a simple way to ensure you’re never paying more than you should for your favourites. Be mindful of when they’re in season, and you’ll see how drastically the prices change.
If you can tailor some of your meals to fit this rule, you’ll easily save money each time you visit the store.

Image Credit: Image 2: Gorrin Bel via Unsplash [https://unsplash.com/photos/MiIAjHepvME]

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