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8 Ways City Dwellers Can Connect With Nature

Ways City Dwellers Connect With Nature
Urban living can make it challenging to connect with mother nature. Green spaces in cities are disappearing, and demand for housing and office space increasing. Connecting with nature can be good for your mental and physical health, so it is essential to know how you can stay at one with nature even while living in the city.

Take Trips Outside The City

Taking regular breaks from the city can help you de-stress and connect with nature. You should explore the nearby rural areas on day trips on weekends. Take these opportunities to exercise by going for long walks out in nature and enjoy the fresh air.

Create An Indoor Garden

Buy some plants to bring nature into your home. These will benefit you daily and improve the air quality in your home. You should start with low maintenance plants like succulents or ferns. You could sign up for a plant subscription that will deliver new plants to your door and provide you with instructions on their care.

Explore Local Parks

Ways City Dwellers Connect With Nature Make a list of the parks in your city and explore them one by one. Take friends with you as an alternative to socializing in a coffee shop or bar. You should find a local park for exercises such as daily walks or runs.

Consider A Move To The Countryside

If you can’t get enough nature in the city, you should consider moving to the countryside. Look into the options for housing in rural areas. You could buy a home in the country at a much better rate than in the city. Check out this information on USDA loans from the Home Loan Expert for one great example of how rural living can help you onto the property ladder.

Visit A Local Zoo Or Botanical Gardens

Look up local attractions that incorporate nature, such as zoos and botanical gardens. These will give you the chance to see more unusual elements of nature. You should look into outdoor sports like caving diving, scuba diving and surfing to provide you with regular access to nature.

Go Camping

Take a break from city life for a weekend and go camping. There are thousands of natural beauty spots across America. Make a list of places you want to visit and organize camping trips to allow you to immerse yourself in nature fully.

Visit The Beach

If you live in a city near the coast, you should make regular trips to the beach. Make this a social event by hiring a minivan and taking a group of friends or family with you. If you live inland, you should visit nearby lakes for a beach experience.

Ways City Dwellers Connect With Nature Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

Cities often have many animal shelters in need of volunteers. Contact some nearby shelters and find out if they are taking on volunteers. If you want more contact with animals but have no space for a pet, spending time at an animal shelter is an excellent alternative.

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