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Here’s Why Xtensio a Perfect Extension for Your Document Needs in Business

Marketing collaterals and documents are essential components of contemporary businesses. Approximately 61% of marketers assert that visuals are crucial for successful marketing. The manner in which these materials are presented plays a pivotal role in shaping the brand's identity and representation.

Ensuring consistency in branding across all collaterals and documents poses challenges for organizations, such as coordinating teams involved in document creation, investing time and resources, and maintaining ongoing communication with clients for document approval and delivery. If your organization encounters these challenges, continue reading!

Xtensio What is Xtensio?

Xtensio serves as a comprehensive platform designed for teams to efficiently create, collaborate on, share, and present the various documents and collaterals essential for business operations. Whether it's one-pagers, brochures, annual reports, proposal documents, or presentations, Xtensio facilitates the creation of these materials through customizable templates or from scratch with ease.
Representing the ideal extension of your business needs, Xtensio initially emerged in 2015 as a platform dedicated to assisting startups in presenting themselves effectively. Since then, it has continuously expanded its offerings and extended its reach in the market.

With a user base exceeding 400,000 globally, Xtensio has proven its value to a diverse range of users. If your business deals extensively with document creation, Xtensio is an indispensable software solution. Let's delve further into what you can expect from this platform.

Features & Benefits of Xtensio:

For those encountering the challenges mentioned earlier, Xtensio emerges as the awaited solution. Here is a concise overview of its features and the benefits you can anticipate:

Team Collaboration:

Statistics reveal that 86% of employees and executives attribute workplace failures to a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication. Xtensio addresses this issue by providing a comprehensive platform where entire teams can unite, collaborate, and collectively generate necessary business documents. This collaborative environment minimizes the risk of miscommunication, ensuring that all modifications are synchronized and saved across all devices. Additionally, it aids in decluttering email communication, allowing for a more organized and efficient workflow.

Xtensio Simplified Design with Ready-made Templates:

Xtensio empowers every team member to become a designer by offering a wide array of templates that cater to almost every business requirement. These templates adhere to high standards and are entirely customizable. Teams can personalize every facet of a template, including color combinations, fonts, and layout. For those who prefer building documents from the ground up, Xtensio provides a Drag-and-Drop builder, allowing seamless incorporation of all available elements.

Available Templates by Category:


1. Sales Sheet Template

2. User Persona Template

3. Sales Battle Card

4. One Pager Template

5. Pitch Deck Template

6. Competitive Analysis Template


1. Lean Canvas Template

2. Consulting Services Proposal Template

3. Brand Positioning Canvas Template

4. Business Model Canvas Template

5. Content Strategy Template


1. User Persona Template

2. Project Brief Template

3. Marketing Plan Template

4. Case Study Template

5. Meeting Agenda Template

6. Marketing Plan

7. User Persona Comparison

8. Social Media Report

9. Digital Brochure

10. Digital Marketing Canvas

11. Press Release

12. Social Media Report

Templates for Startups:

1. Lean Canvas

2. SWOT Analysis

3. Ecosystem Map

4. Pitch Deck

Business Templates:

1. Employee Handbook Template

2. Fact Sheet Template

3. One Pager Template

4. Landing Page Template

5. Media Kit

6. Annual Budget Report

7. Annual Report

8. Fundraising Summary

9. Meeting Agenda

Personalized Communication:

Given the complete customization capability of the documents, your team can craft personalized content and materials tailored to specific projects. This feature not only allows for a more targeted approach but also saves time that would otherwise be spent on recreating documents for different projects.

Maintaining Brand Consistency:

Ensuring uniformity in branding across all collaterals is a crucial element. Brand consistency plays a pivotal role in establishing recognition among prospective customers, fostering trust, distinguishing the brand from competitors, and shaping the overall perception of your brand. According to a CrowdSpring Report, color significantly contributes to brand recognition, with the use of a signature color potentially increasing brand recognition by 80%. Consistency must be upheld across multiple facets of branding, encompassing fonts, color palette, and messaging throughout all departments of a business.

Many companies have their Brand Style Guides in place, as aptly noted by Xtensio. However, a common obstacle arises - these guides are often consulted only once. Additionally, the essence of branding should be empowering for the organization, not restrictive. Smaller groups within the organization need the autonomy to function effectively. Xtensio addresses this challenge by providing a solution that allows you to lock the branding style across the organization while simultaneously empowering smaller groups. This approach ensures both consistency and flexibility, especially in an era characterized by constant innovation, often referred to as 'perpetual innovation.'

Xtensio Live Documents:

The documents created can be shared as a customizable link, allowing recipients to download the document. Importantly, the document remains live even after the link has been shared. This means that any corrections or improvements made to the document will be automatically synchronized on the recipient's end. To enhance collateral security, you also have the option to add a password. This feature streamlines the process, eliminating the need to send multiple versions of documents with updates.

Save Custom Templates for Reuse:

Xtensio allows teams to save any custom-made document as a template, ensuring its availability for reuse across the entire organization and for future needs. This centralized accessibility streamlines the process, saving time that would otherwise be spent recreating the template for use by other departments or for upcoming requirements.

Manage Your Team's Workflow:

Stay informed about your team's progress through in-app notifications. Track sales progress, engagement metrics, and adjust processes based on the available statistics. This feature allows you to stay proactive and responsive to your team's performance, enhancing overall workflow management.

Xtensio Client Collaboration & Delivery:

Struggling to keep your clients informed about the progress? No more worries! Xtensio offers the option to add clients to the folio or share the channel link with them, ensuring they stay in the loop regarding the workflow and delivery progress. This feature enhances transparency and facilitates seamless collaboration with clients.

Shareable Documents: PDF & PNG

Download the documents, either individually or as a complete set (folio), in the form of PDF or PNG files for a tangible copy. Easily share these files with your clients or keep them for organizational records. This feature provides a versatile and accessible way to distribute and archive essential documents.

Categories of Required Business Collaterals:

Documents and collaterals are essential across various facets of a business. While teams from different departments often collaborate on projects, the diverse aspects of a business requiring documents and collaterals are broadly classified as follows:

1. Business Development

2. Customer Success

3. Investor Relations

4. Marketing

5. Operations

6. Product Management

7. Project Management

8. Public Relations

9. Reporting

10. Sales

11. Social Media Marketing

12. Strategy

13. UX Design

This comprehensive list indeed covers a significant portion of business needs. Consider the substantial cost savings and efficiency gains for your organization by utilizing Xtensio's ready-made templates. It not only streamlines the document creation process but also mitigates the expenses associated with designing these documents externally.



Xtensio emerges as an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes, be it small startups, SMEs, established companies, marketing agencies, or consultancies. With a myriad of features and benefits, Xtensio offers substantial cost savings, claiming that the average user saves $350/month by eliminating design and communication costs for business documents and presentations. With an affordable investment ranging from $8 to $15/month, the potential savings make Xtensio a compelling and cost-effective choice for businesses.

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