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This is Me: A Poem by Sonal Lobo

Sonal lobo poetry
I am not the prettiest

I am neither the curviest nor the cutest

This is me.

I don’t always step out of the house with branded shades

And well-set hair

This is me

I don’t always match my shoes with my dress

Or wear accessories to look my best.

This is me.

I do not change my nail colour often.

And my lip colour every day.

This is me.

I am not comfortable with strapped clothes

And do not wear dresses that bare my back.

This is me.

I am not a party animal

And prefer to spend evenings with my family

This is me.

I do not know the recent trends in gadgets.

Nor change my phone every now and then.

This is me.

I don’t know to use a fork and knife

And still believe that my hands are fine.

This is me.

I do not always believe in following the latest trends.

Nor are my cupboards staked with branded clothes

This is me.

I am still comfortable sitting in the first bench.

And find nothing fancy in the last bench.

This is me

My fingers are not always manicured,

And my skin is not always glowing.

This is me.

I still believe in God

And regard him has the supreme power

This is me.

I still believe relationships are sacred.

And strive to maintain purity and loyalty

This is me.

This is me and I am proud of who I am.

Dear, accept yourself for who you are.

Do not fret or shy away. You are beautiful and Unique just the way you are.

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Sonal Lobo
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