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Unveiling Hope In Shadows Embrace

Poetry by Kavya
Amidst deep sadness, shadows loom,
Tears fall, in the quiet room,
We acknowledge grief, its heavy weight,
A journey through the darkest gate.

But in this realm of endless night,
We search for meaning, seek the light,
For even in our deepest woe,
A seed of hope begins to grow.

With strength we rise, our hearts anew,
In loss, we find what's pure and true,
Resilience born from trials faced,
As grief's storm is slowly embraced.

Though time may stretch its endless thread,
Each moment lived, each tear we shed,
Patience guides us through the storm,
To find a brighter day that's warm.

And as we journey through the pain,
We'll find our hope, our hearts regain,
For in the depth of sorrow's plea,
Lies strength and hope, our legacy.So, acknowledge grief, its dark grace,
But seek the meaning in its embrace,
With patience, strength, and hope's refrain,
We'll find our hearts, our peace, again.

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