ICON of the MONTH Contest

The winner of this Global Title shall be entitled to:
1. Be on the homepage as the earlier winners have been featured for ONE FULL MONTH.
2. An exclusive page on the site promoting the winner.
3. An additional chance to the winner shall be given to record their video with an inspiring message for the world that shall be promoted globally through the channels of IU.
apply for iuemag icon of the month

Win a chance to be the IUeMAG Icon of the Month! The search for the Icon of the No. 1 International Inspirational e-magazine of IU is actually the search for the individual whose influence is an inspiration in itself. A creative, innovative, perseverant, enthusiastic individual, someone with enough patience to battle out to victory is a personality close to being a perfect fit for this title.

Watch out this space to know the procedure of applying!

Previous Months' Icons
Naga Sravani
Mamatha Nerlige
Aishwarya S
Aishwarya HN
Avinash Shinde
Kavyashree MR
Sunil Kumar G
NJ Bharath Kumar
Suraj HM
Shilpa Vijaykumar
Ashutosh Babu
Subhash KC
Jeevitha DM
Harshitha Chidanand
Meghraj Moregowda
Pooja Tamhankar
Christabel Ofori
Angad Singh Saluja
Tarun Gupta
Bhagyashree Kambli
Ashutosh Suman