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NOWHERE: It's All About No-Where OR Now-Here

Roopa BA, an upcoming trainer and coach from Bengaluru, shares her words of wisdom about how it's about the extremes that life has to offer wherein either you are here in the now and have what you want or you find yourself in the nowhereness of loss of your dreams. Read ON! [In Roopa's own unedited words]
To my understanding NOWHERE is a word that has two perspectives to it. No-where or Now-here.
The first perspective is nowhere. That is one can have so many directions in life and they end up in being somewhere, far away, no idea, not sure, over there, distant, don't know, etc. So all of these are leading to a place called nowhere. A view from nowhere might exactly lead a person to a place where one can feel totally lost and leave a him/her perplexed of not knowing what next. This situation can be applicable to anyone's professional or personal life. Even children are also not spared with this these days. One who is standing in the middle of nowhere and not knowing what should be done, is so damn distressing.
Articles by Roopa BA People have such diversified culture. Technology is advancing so much that people are not sure that where they are lead to in life. There are so many alternate paths in each ones life. At one point in time one can get so confused that many would feel like they belong nowhere with respect to clarity and direction. Most would end up being so confused that they would not know where they are and how the life should be led?!
There are so many options in life to choose but in the end, what would each person feel about what they have been doing? Do people live their passion? Are people free from all sorts of baggage? Or are they running a rat race? Or just having a blind faith to follow another person to fulfill that person's dreams or beliefs? Or are they just idealizing someone to set the benchmark and follow that person? All these are okay as long as it does not harm anyone? This would be wonderful if you are led in a direction in which everyone's life is filled with contentment and joy from within.
But in reality, people are just not cared about the side effects or the after effects. People just take part in rat-race not realizing what would be the end result? Isn't it that this rat race is the major cause of one own defeat? Isn't this causing so much of damage in one's life? Have you ever sat down and identified your own interests and passions? Are you living any of them? Whatever you are doing today will any of them bring you happiness? What is your idea of success? Do everyone have same attributes to success? That is will your friend's success definition be as same as yours? If yes, why? If not, why? What is pushing you to be in rat race of no meaning? Why are you still in rat race? Are you stuck and getting annoyed? Or are you really enjoying it? You have this one wonderful life, how are you going to lead it? What is the value of this one life, that can be led ONLY by YOU?
In the end what is your contribution to you, family friends, relatives, society, country or to this planet? Are you leaving a legacy after you? Will people ever remember you after you are gone? Have you ever thought about it?
Now, let's look at the second version of nowhere as now-here. It's all about now and here. It is very simple and perfect to my understanding. That is right now in this moment if you can take charge of your life and every moment in it, then how wonderful it will be! That means you will go deep within yourself and look for your own interests and passion to lead a life that can be valued for lifetime by you. THIS is YOUR LIFE.
Just visualize that you are Leading a life of passion and interest. Isn't it truly adding a great value to your own life? But many of us have embodied some kind of fear and stuck in life just because we feel secure and protected. Step back and take a deep breath, just think where are you now? Are you NO-WHERE or are you aware of you are in NOW-HERE?
It's you who decides how your life should be led and taken charge. What do you think?
Let me know your feedback in the comments below. If fears are holding you back, read my other article that was published on fearlessness -
Good luck and thank you for valuable time reading this article.

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