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Auto Proctoring – The Future of Assessments

Auto Proctoring Approximately 60-70% of the college students are dependent upon cheating systems at the time of clearing the examinations and they very well admit this particular thing. To deal with all these kinds of unethical practices being undertaken throughout the examinations several kinds of universities and organizations are adopting the concept of auto proctoring because it comes with multiple advantages in the long run. This particular system is very much successful in conducting the examinations and this particular trend is very well growing in the field of recruitment and HR. Whenever the students will be allowed to use the remote proctor systems the unnecessary travel time will be reduced which will make sure that everything will be properly scheduled and there will be no need for testing centers.

With the help of this concept, the instructors will be having the complete opportunity of scheduling the examinations for a particular time window and students can very well enjoy this examination. The whole system will help in making sure that a lot of time management related issues will be dealt with and people can very easily focus on the content instead of scheduling related problems. These kinds of systems and software utilize the facial recognition feature to analyze several kinds of behavioral patterns and learn very well from them. Whenever the photo of the student will be uploaded it will very well make sure that if the correct student is taking the test or not.

Auto Proctoring These kinds of systems will also have the option of recording the video of the students and such screens will be shared with the teachers with the help of a camera and Mike. Several kinds of lockdown browsers will be utilized by the companies and organizations to make sure that students are always prevented from adopting unethical ways of passing the examinations. Hence, the chances of cheating or copying the answers from one other will be eliminated from the whole process. Some of the proctoring solutions are very well integrated with the software systems which are controlled by the third parties and utilizing these kinds of systems provides the organization with multiple advantages:

-The data will be very centrally housed which will further reduce the data discrepancies very easily.

-The users will always have better control over the sensitive information as well as data associated with the students.

-Several kinds of trends can be tracked very easily across the ongoing test which will further make sure that advanced reporting capabilities will be taken the best possible advantage of.

-These kinds of systems are normally dependent upon facial recognition, multiphase detection, and head-based detection for the people who are appearing in the examinations. The proctor, on the other hand, will be issuing several kinds of flags in case they recognize any kind of suspicious activity from the end of students and one can also take away the recordings for the later on the review so that level of suspicion can be very easily evaluated from the whole process. In case the software detects more than one face or is unable to see Auto Proctoring the entire face of the person appearing into the examination then it will document the whole thing. In the cases of unwanted hand movements also there will be these kinds of actions from the end of software which will very well discourage the students from opening the notes at the time of examination is going on. Hence, the credibility of the examination will be very well insured with the implementation of these kinds of systems from the end of organizations and companies.

Following are some of the top-notch advantages provided by this particular concept:

-There will be proper elimination of the examination centers and there will be no need of having some of the specific locations for conducting the examinations. Now, the examinations can be conducted from anywhere and there will be a need for any kind of physical infrastructure or the examination center because the examinations can be very easily managed as the candidates will not be visiting any of the examination centers and the credibility will be very well insured.

-This particular point will always make sure to provide no need for any kind of physical proctoring. It will help in making sure that there is no need for any kind of logistical activities to communicate the test center address to the proctors or students because everything will be managed in the comfort of home places and the people from remote locations can also very well appear in the examinations. Everything will be controlled with the help of technology as well as a Web camera and proper system will be utilizing the useful features to chat as well as monitor the candidates in the whole remote examination.

Auto Proctoring -The exam scheduling will be highly simplified and there will be no need for any kind of infrastructure or taking into consideration the concept of public holidays and several other things. There will be no gaps in between the examinations and people can very easily proctor as well as monitor the remote candidates from any of the locations. Everything will be controlled with the help of Web camera and technology because this particular system is considered to be very much useful in the whole process.

-The security of the examinations will be of a very high advanced level because images and videos will be captured with the help of Web camera attached to the whole system which will keep the proper track of every key event of the whole process including the movement of candidates and the usage of mobile phones. Hence, all the malpractices like cheating with the help of open the notes will be eliminated from the whole process.

Hence, multiple advantages associated with the concept of auto proctoring make sure that online proctor exam cheating is no more prevalent in the world of recruitment and HR because of which the organizations are into the making of best possible hiring decisions so that overall goals are easily added and each of the employees is adding great value to the organization.

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