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Tips On How To Maintain A Good Quality Hiking Pole

Maintain A Good Quality Hiking Pole If you are a hiking enthusiast, you would know that a quality hiking pole, the right clothes, and less luggage are imperative factors for great hiking experiences.

Here’s the thing, you should not consider purchasing an expensive hiking pole unless you know how to keep your hiking pole clean and well maintained. It is true that if you take great care of your hiking pole then it will in turn take care of you. It is important to know that there are a few different types of hiking poles and each type will then have its own maintenance.

Expander pole

This is the most popular type of hiking pole because of how adaptable it is. When you twist the pole tight you will find that the plastic plug will expand against the inside of the pole so that the section of the pole will then be locked into position. When you twist the pole in the opposite direction the plastic plug should loosen so that the pole length can be adjusted.

It is especially important that you consult the manufacturer’s directions to ensure that you maintain the hiking pole in the correct way. Every manufacturer will have its own different recommendations.

Additionally, you will be pleased to know that all parts of the hiking pole will be able to be purchased, and this is especially important to note in case your hiking pole gets damaged at some point. If you have damaged a part of the hiking pole then you will be able to purchase newer parts to replace the damaged parts.

After each hike, you should take apart the pole and then wash the exterior of the pole. You should not wash the interior of the pole and you should not use lubricants on the inside of the pole as part of the cleaning process. This is because the pole will usually have an anodized interior.

If you notice that your pole has bent then you can rectify this yourself. You need to use a slow and gentle motion when you are doing this though so that you can get the pole back to being virtually straight. This section will end up becoming relatively straight when you have all the pole sections shortened together, and also when the pole remains closed for a while. If there are no creases in the pole then you should find that the pole should still function properly, but you need to ensure that you check closely for any hairline cracks.

Maintain A Good Quality Hiking Pole Push-button pole

You can identify this kind of pole through it being without plugs to adjust the sections of the pole. It is true that you should again consult the manufacturer’s directions on the maintenance of this pole and this pole can be lubricated if the manufacturer suggests this.

The push-button pole will not usually have an expander plug so lubricants can be utilized for cleaning and also for ensuring that the pole performs properly. You should also make sure that your pole is dry and clean, and it needs to stay free from dirt and cracks especially in the adjustment holes.

Snap lock pole

It is especially important that you do not use any kind of lubricant on this hiking pole, but you should dry and clean this pole so that it remains free from dirt and from cracks too. It is especially important that if you notice the locking mechanism not performing properly then you should replace the locking system to ensure that you are safe on your hikes.

Hand grips

It is important to note that hand grips can dry out so you need to keep these oiled. If your pole has cork hiking grips then you need to soak them in warm water with especially light dishwashing detergent so that you can let them dry out.

Finding your right hiking pole

So, now you know how to keep your hiking pole maintained in great condition - you need to be sure that you pick a pole that is the correct size for you. After all, you can’t get the most out of your hiking pole if it is not suitable for you. It is true that hiking pole height will differ from person to person, and you also need to take into consideration the kinds of routes that you plan on exploring. You will be pleased to know that it is pretty easy to work out the perfect height for your hiking pole, and you can either use the following link or you can visit a store and measure the hiking pole to your own body when you are standing upright.

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