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Fitness Exercises You Can Do To Prepare For Your Move

Workouts while moving Realistically speaking, the entire moving process can be a dreadful undertaking. With all the packing, lifting, and unpacking activities, you need to be physically fit and healthy so you have the right amount of energy for all these tasks. The physical exertion required to relocate a whole household can cause so much strain to your body, which in turn can cause injuries.

Fortunately, there are plenty of fitness exercises you can try and do in preparation for the moving day and make moving home easier. These can include:

1. Core And Back Exercises:

While it can be best to lift heavy items using your back, you still have to make use of your core and back to make the process of lifting much easier. Thus, if you want to make it stronger, you can try planking to see how long you can endure a high pushup position.

Moreover, you can also try to perform Pilates or any yoga classes which are focused on strength. Make sure to go through a beginner's guide for right pilates equipment.

By doing these fitness exercises, you can have a strong core and back which is beneficial in preventing back injuries when lifting your moving boxes from your old house to the moving truck.

However, if you have a sensitive back and core, you may consider hiring professionals for your long-distance moving. They can take care of the whole process for you, thereby you no longer need to put so much strength on your back to perform all your tasks.

2. Arms Exercises:

Workouts while moving Another body part that you should prepare before the big day is your arms. Just like your core and back, your biceps will have to work hard when it comes to packing, lifting boxes, and many more. Because of this, adding some pull-ups and curls exercises can be a great help for making your biceps a lot stronger.

Also, if you want to keep your balance while using your arms, try some exercises such as bench presses or tricep dips. It’s also an excellent idea to pair them with your planks to make yourself more physically fit during the relocation.

3. Hands And Wrists:

Typically, lifting boxes at improper angles can be harmful to your hands and wrists as it may cause some injuries. To prevent this from happening, you can try squeezing a stress ball, throwing a ball using your wrist, performing wrist rotations, and many other fitness routines.

Aside from making your hands and wrists stronger for your move, you can also make these exercises more fun, especially when you get your dog or friend involved.

4. Legs:

Workouts while moving Of course, you need stronger legs to support your body when lifting heavy items. If you’re using body power, you need to improve your leg strength by doing some exercises like lunges, squats, and running stairs. That way, you’ll be able to strengthen your muscles and protect your knee joints and other bones on the relocation day.

5. Whole Body Work:

Generally, you have to make your whole body stronger for the big day. When you have a physically fit body, you can ensure an injury-free moving experience for you. To make this happen, you should consider doing yoga and Pilates as your primary fitness exercises to boost your body strength.

In addition, you can add some physical activities such as spin classes, Barre, Crossfit, and many more. Not only that but you can also pair your bodywork exercises with Zumba and other dance-focused classes to improve your cardio fitness on a moving day and more importantly, enhance your overall health when you arrive at your new destination.

However, if you want to protect your whole body from injuries during the move, it’s best to work with experienced movers near Manhattan or wherever you may be, to ensure anything wrong with your health will not happen.

Ways To Make Your Move A Workout

If you have no time to go to the gym to perform the exercises mentioned above, then why not make your own relocation an opportunity to work out? Here’s how you can transform the process into a great fitness workout:

  1. Make use of some moving activities - While you can always hire moving services, you can still do some activities that can help improve your fitness in preparation for the big day. For example, loading items to the truck is similar to weightlifting in the gym, lifting a box off the ground is like doing a deadlift, and ascending or descending stairs can be considered as a cardio exercise.

  2. Use boxes as exercise equipment - If you’re already finished packing, then, you can use these boxes as great exercise equipment. You no longer need to go to the gym as you can do your exercises impromptu. For instance, you can do squats with boxes for your legs, shoulder presses for your body, and wall sits for a core and back workout.
The Bottom Line

Being physically fit and healthy during a relocation is crucial for its success. With a stronger body, you can perform all the tasks without worrying about getting yourself injured at the end of the day.

Therefore, if you want to ensure this kind of body, try the fitness exercises mentioned above and you’ll be physically ready to handle the move from beginning to end.

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