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Do You Need a Degree to Become a Programmer?

Need a Degree to Become a Programmer? the world continues to become more and more digitalized, the need for programmers increases too. Every industry relies on their work with the likes of online stores and applications being an integral part of many businesses now.

The average programmer salary is around £39,000 which proves how wealthy the industry truly is as well as showing people that there is a demand for their services and they are willing to pay programmers well over the UK average wage.

With the fun and rewarding nature of the work combined with its high wages, many people will be wanting to enter this industry but aren’t sure if you need a degree to do so and we’re here to provide the answer.

Do you need a degree?

In short, no. However, it is a good idea to obtain one as a degree is what many employers will look for when hiring new candidates, and very often without a degree, you may be overlooked.

The most common degree for this industry is a computer science course that incorporates the study of computer systems, design software, and problem-solving using computing technologies; all features that are pivotal to a career in programming.

University degrees however are traditionally outdated – especially in digital industries. This is because university courses may focus on pre-dated technologies that have had significant research over the years and so, the newest programming skills and techniques may not be learnt at university which employers may recognize.

Need a Degree to Become a Programmer? With that being said, so many people will be potentially applying for the same job as you so having a computer science degree may boost your chances of being successful.

How else can I become a programmer?

There is a range of alternatives that may be cheaper and quicker in developing a knowledge of programming than a university degree.

Coding boot camp

Whilst you may not need a degree to become a programmer, you will still inevitably have to learn how to code before applying for any programming roles. With this, you’ll want to find a way to learn quickly and efficiently and a great option is a coding boot camp.

Sign up and learn everything there is to know about coding in a short space of time.

Teach Yourself

There are many online resources including YouTube videos and guides on how to code. All you need is a beginner-friendly computer like the Raspberry Pi to start learning at home. With this, you can practice, practice, practice until you are a master and ready to go out into the world of programming.
As you can see, a degree is not definitive when getting a job in programming but it may help to get you an interview with the employer.

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