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Percolator Guide: Know The Best Percolator For You

Know The Best Percolator For You If you are interested in getting a percolator, there are some things to consider. These have been listed below so that you can make the most informed decision about how you want to use your percolator and whether there are any risks. Depending on your desired use, there are different models to choose from.


Before the complexity of modern instant coffee machines, there were percolators. They are ingenious contraptions that push boiled water upwards into coffee grinds and then into several smaller chambers. The small machines first came to light in 1817 Paris, and they began to grow in demand when people realized that the coffee created using percolators was highly aromatic and offered a very deep-tasting beverage.

Nowadays, instant coffee barista style machines dominate the market. One of the reasons why percolators are less popular than other coffee machines today is because of the belief that the coffee is easy to burn and creates a bitter taste. However, thanks to modern design and engineering, this is less of a risk. Open flame or stovetop heat creates bursts of water that the grounds are combined with and cycle into different chambers.

These are some of the things that you should consider when you are looking for a percolator. For more detailed product comparison, check out Percolator Guide: Best Coffee Percolators 2022

Heat Source

One of the main things to be aware of when you want to start using a percolator is the heat source. There are different designs of percolators that have different features. One of these includes whether you want it to heat itself by being plugged into a power outlet, or if you want to provide the heat through a stovetop.

Percolators have also been popular amongst campers who enjoy using an open flame to heat their morning coffee. Because of the different materials that modern percolators are made out of, it is worth searching for one that is flameproof if you want one to use on a campfire.

Those that want to use the stove to heat their coffee should also be aware of the different materials that are used in percolators. This is mainly because you will want to prevent grabbing a burning hot handle. For this reason, it could be worth searching for a percolator with a heat-resistant rubber handle that does not conduct heat.

Alternatively, you could consider shopping for a percolator that does not require a heat source because it has one built-in. These can be plugged in and left to do their thing. The taste created by electric percolators is comparable to regular ones used on the stove or campfire, however, they tend to be a little more expensive because of the additional features that they have.

Know The Best Percolator For You


Another thing worth considering is that percolators can vary in size. Depending on how many people in your household enjoy a cup of coffee, it could be worth finding a percolator that brews more. The taste of the coffee is not affected by the total capacity of the percolator.

It’s also worth noting that some percolators with higher capacities will take longer to brew than smaller ones. That is why we would recommend buying a smaller size if you are the only one in your household that intends to drink the coffee made by it.


In addition, it could be worth thinking about how easy your chosen percolator is to clean. Some have small areas which are hard to reach, while others need very little scrubbing. In order to decide how easy a percolator is to keep clean, you should consider the dimensions of the product and the materials used. This can give you a realistic idea about how long you will need to spend cleaning your percolator.

Another factor to consider is whether your percolator is dishwasher safe. Some materials and parts are not, which is why it’s important to check ahead of time. Percolators can have plastic inside them, especially on the handle, which risks melting if it is placed in the dishwasher.


There are a lot of things that need to be considered when you want to buy a percolator. Whether you want to buy one with a larger capacity that will give all of your friends an aromatic, strong coffee.Try to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your percolator by reading the user’s manual. This can help you learn how easy it is to clean and whether it is safe for dishwasher cleaning or not.

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