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Fitness Is Not An Option Anymore! Here Is How You Get Started!

Fitness Is Not An Option Anymore According to the data, the market value of the global fitness industry is over $87 Billion currently and is estimated to grow at the rate of 171.75% to $434.78 billion by 2028.

The focus on fitness had increased over the last decade. The Covid-19 pandemic added the much-needed nitrogen booster to the industry. It renewed the focus of people on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. You might observe people all around you getting serious about their fitness, and if you are still waiting, you might miss the train.

If you are a beginner and a fitness enthusiast; and looking for types of workouts that you incorporate into your workout routine, look no further.
Here is a brief list of workouts you can focus on as a beginner. Let’s get started:

1. Kettlebell Workout:

Kettlebells are a great workout tool. They are cannonball-shaped, made out of cast iron with a handle on top. Kettlebells aren’t new, they have existed since the ancient European and Russian eras. They were first built for entertainment but they slowly started finding their place as a workout tool. If you are looking for a full-body workout, Kettlebell workouts are for you. You can use it for lunges, lifts, or shoulder presses. Kettlebell Workouts are helpful in:

- Improving the Core strength & stability

- Improving flexibility

- Improving posture

- High-calorie burn

- Improving mind-body coordination

- Activates cardio muscles [alternative to Running]

Kettlebells are also a perfect alternative to Dumbbell Workouts.

2. Dumbbell Workout:

Fitness Is Not An Option Anymore

Dumbbell Workouts is one of the strength and resistance-training workouts. Dumbbell workouts have been a part of people’s lives as early as the 2nd century. A Dumbbell is a piece of equipment most commonly made out of cast iron or stainless steel with a rod in the center and bell-shaped structures at the end. Dumbbells are one of the most common pieces of equipment you will find in the gym or online [for home gyms]. Dumbbell workouts help with the below:

- Strengthening muscles

- Increases body stability

- Eliminates strength imbalances

- Improves bone health

- Helps in weight loss

- Improves cardio health

3. Slam Ball Workout:

Fitness Is Not An Option Anymore

A slam ball is a rubber-coated weighted ball that can be used for diverse exercises and workouts including intense ones. It is popular among athletes worldwide. It is similar to that of a medicine ball but with a difference of a thick outer surface compared to the thinner rubber, leather, or plastic surface of the medicine balls. This makes it ideal for high-intensity throwing exercises. Slam ball workouts assist in:

- Building strength

- Maximizing Muscle power

- Burning fat

- Increasing metabolism

- Refining shoulder muscles

- Improving Heart Health

- Improving aerobic capacity

4. Battle Ropes Workout:

Fitness Is Not An Option Anymore

One of the biggest fitness trends currently is Battle Ropes. If you have watched a fitness video or followed any fitness workouts, you would have seen celebrities, influencers, and fitness enthusiasts battling out against a set of ropes. It has become a staple for resistance training. The battle ropes are thick which increases their durability, toughness, and resistance. Generally, there are 3 types of workouts performed with Battle ropes:

- Wave: you make waves with the ropes

- Slams: similar to wave but you slam the ropes

- Pulls: you either pull the rope towards yourself either simultaneously or alternatively

Battle Rope workout trains the entire body, improves your coordination and balance, helps in weight loss, builds muscular strength, increases cardiorespiratory fitness, and enhances athletic performance.

5. Weighted Jump Rope Workout:

Fitness Is Not An Option Anymore

If you have known Jump rope activity, the weighted jump rope is similar but with a variation in that, there is an additional weight attached to it commonly in the handle. If you are a jump rope enthusiast and want to up the level, this is for you. The weighted rope exercises provide the below-mentioned benefits:

- A full-body workout

- Activates all the muscles as it works on several muscle groups

- Increases upper body strength

- Improves forearm, wrist, and grip strength

- Burns more calories

- Helps in muscle-building

- Boosts bone density

6. Resistance Band Workout:

Fitness Is Not An Option Anymore

If you are a beginner, resistance bands are one of the inexpensive training you can have your hands on. Resistance bands are elastic bands that are used for various strength training and resistance training exercises. They were initially used as physical therapy for rehabilitation from muscular injuries, but their role has expanded since. The resistance bands can be used for a variety of exercises including bicep curls, shoulder press, chest press, and squats among others.

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There is no alternative to living a fit life if you want to maximize and squeeze the experience called Life. Fitness is not an option. We hope that the types of workouts mentioned in this article are helpful to you. Living.Fit becomes a great platform to kick-start your fitness journey. If you are inspired to take up fitness or are already into it, do share your experiences in the comments below.

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