ICON of the MONTH - January 2015
The icon of the month is an individual whose influence is an inspiration in itself. A creative, innovative, perseverant, enthusiastic individual, someone with enough patience to battle out to victory is a personality close to being a perfect fit for this title.

Avinash Shinde, IUeMag ICON of the MONTH January 2015

Avinash Shinde
There once was a guy who spoke not much, feared little but walked steps and toiled hard in the night while others slept. Little was he known to anyone; even the last bench guy denied being aware of his existence but when it was the day of announcement of impacts, the walls of the Hall of Fame echoed his name loud and clear leaving the rest in awe! Actions always prove why words mean nothing.

This isn't a fairy tale or a fiction, but the story of Avinash Shinde who stands as the ICON of the MONTH for the month of January, 2015.

Avinash Shinde is pursuing 2nd year of MBA in a prestigious institution called BMSCE in Bangalore. Right from his school days he has been a champion being a rank student and a district level Football player. He presented a paper on Nanotechnology at National Level PPT Competition and was also responsible for hosting the same the subsequent year successfully in his college. Avinash's actions expressed priorities of his life always.

He has addressed more than 750 students in different government Schools as a part of IU Youth to Children Project (iuy2c.org). He has also distributed 1000 pamphlets that read, "Shutdown your engine when the signal is Red" at Traffic Signals to curb the ill-effects of pollution. When diseases were on a high, Avinash addressed 250+ government school children on the importance of Health and Hygiene. About 500 students were educated by him on Financial Literacy, specifically, on Saving Money, Compound Interest and Basics of Banking. As a part of Swach Bharat Abhiyaan he first cleaned up his room, hostel and community and involved many others in the same.

He passed out as a TRUE IUITE in his journey of i3 (i3 is a conference based program and a change driven platform).

IUeMAG is absolutely delighted to have him as the ICON of the MONTH for the month of January, 2015

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