ICON of the MONTH Contest

Do you have it in you to inspire the Millennials? Do you think your work can influence others to do more, be more and achieve more? Do you think you have it in you to be the ICON for people across the globe? Do you think you have it in you to be the ICON Of The Month for iUeMagazine?

Then apply for next month's edition of ICON of the MONTH contest at iUeMagazine. Mail us your profile at contact@iuemag.com
apply for iuemag icon of the month The following are the take-aways for the winning participant:

1. Become the face of the No.1 Inspirational eMagazine globally.
2. Home Page feature for one whole month until next IoTM is declared.
3. Complete feature of the story on iUeMagazine in LIGA section.
4. Sponsor Brand Rewards and Give-aways.
5. A chance to get into Hall of Fame of iUeMagazine IoTMs forever
6. A chance to share a message of inspiration for all readers & followers of iUeMagazine globally.

With all of the above highly powerful take-aways another obvious take-away and a bi-product is that you will be able to avail the terrific outreach to your work and story throughout the globe through iUeMagazine's entire outreach.

What are you waiting for? APPLY NOW!

* Every month 23rd the applications for that month close and open for next to next month.
* First of every month 6 profiles are put up for community out-reach contest to test the influence of the individual through their circles and influence they are able to cast on the iUeMagazine's readers.
* 4th the competition closes
* Winner is announced on 5th of every month.
* Any give-aways are to be collected after declaration as per iUeMagazine Team's directions within 1 month of winning.
* The selected profiles will receive a mail/call between 23rd and end of the month.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Applicants must be above the age of 16
2. Any information furnished by applicants that is incorrect shall lead to disqualification of the candidate if noticed prior to contest. If noticed at any point in future shall lead to pulling down of the profile from the IoTM Hall of Fame.
3. Any participant who wins the contest once cannot apply again.
4. An individual can re-apply as many times as he/she pleases.
5. Fake Votes/Rigged Votes shall immediately disqualify the candidate.
6. Under all circumstances the final decision of the editorial team of iUeMagazine shall stand final and indisputable.
7. Any give-aways[products/services] declared from any brand/company are a responsibility of the brand/company issuing the rewards and iUeMagazine takes no responsibility to ensure the quality of product/service from the issuing brand/company.
8. Failing to stay in touch during any part of the competition shall disqualify the profiles after 3-4 attempts of reaching out via phone/eMail(collectively).
9. Incomplete applications shall be rejected.
10. To re-apply a participant has to re-submit all the information once again. Previously submitted documents/photographs and other materials shall be considered redundant.

Some of our Previous Icons
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Christabel Ofori
Angad Singh Saluja
Tarun Gupta
Bhagyashree Kambli
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