ICON of the MONTH - October 2014
The icon of the month is an individual whose influence is an inspiration in itself. A creative, innovative, perseverant, enthusiastic individual, someone with enough patience to battle out to victory is a personality close to being a perfect fit for this title.

Kavyashree MR, IUeMag ICON of the MONTH October 2014

Kavyashree MR
Everyone gets a chance to prove themselves at some stage of life. Some fall down, some get away with fear, some send back the opportunity failing to recognize whereas some make sure to face it and give their life and soul to exploit it. There came an opportunity that knocked Kavyashree's door and she left no stone unturned to prove herself.

A native of Hassan, Kavyashree is a very talented, creative and social person. Securing 4th Rank in KMAT (Karnataka Management Aptitude Test) with 99.95 percentile score she landed up in Bangalore Institute of Technology for an MCA Degree. Currently, in her 2nd year, she is the busiest person in her college owing to the number of activities she is involved in. The turning point of her life was when she was selected for IU1010 Season 5, and from then onwards no one could stop her from achieving all that she wanted.

She is the Founder of E4U Project (An initiative that thrives to create a better environment by creating awareness about electronic waste management and also involved in procurement and recycling of e-waste). Through this project, she procured 65 kgs of e-waste and submitted to a recycling plant. Also, with the profits and funds collected she donated shawls to the people in old-age homes.

She also holds the tag of being the Adad Ambassador. She is a White Stone Holder on www.adad.in having done 320+ deeds. She has reached out to 800+ children and taught them the importance of doing good deeds. She was also responsible for reaching out to more than 80,000 people online spreading the message of adad - 'A Deed a Day'.

275+ sports equipments were distributed by her in schools and orphanages as a part of SEPC Project (Sports Equipment Procurement Campaign - The Indian Chapter of Play Forward; an organization that uses sports as an avenue to build confidence and self-esteem in children). She also collected and contributed 11,000+ one sided sheets toward IU One Sided Books Project (An IU Project that brings together one-sided papers, binds them into books and donates them to students who can't afford such resources).

She is also a Speaker having delivered talks in schools, colleges and conferences. She holds the tag of being the IUY2C Queen for her impressive record of making happen 130+ IUY2C (IU Youth 2 Children Project - Involves the youth of the country in projects where they teach the students of government schools about important information and lessons not found in our syllabus) sessions around the country in different places like Dehradun, Arunachal Pradesh, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bagalkot and Bangalore.

She is also the IUeMAG Ambassador reaching out the brand to the people of the world. She is also an aspiring Web Designer willing to create a mark of her own in the World Wide Web. IUeMAG congratulates her for all her achievements and is proud to have her as the ICON of the MONTH for the month of October - 2014.

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