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Requirements of An eCommerce Store For Which Freelancers From Fiverr Could Be Hired

eCommerce Fiverr Engagements If you are planning to start an eCommerce store or an online business, it is a great decision. According to the data by Nasdaq, 95% of all purchases are expected to be through eCommerce by 2040. It is estimated that currently, there are 12 million to 24 million eCommerce websites on the internet.

In such a competitive arena, do you have a chance to succeed? Well, Yes! If you can be efficient and fast track your growth, you can race past many of the sites in a short period. As a business, from the point Go, there are numerous tasks and responsibilities in setting it up. For an eCommerce store, finalizing the niche and get the website up and going are the foremost responsibilities. Online presence, customer engagement, Marketing & promotions, and several other aspects need to run in parallel. But how do you manage all of these single-handedly without a team? Well, the good news is that in the USA alone there are 57 million freelancers and the count is estimated to be 1.1bn. The number of people taking up freelancing has seen a rise over the last decade.

Hence if you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work at your end, you can delegate the tasks to the freelancers. Be it web designing, graphic designing, and various other types of activities you have the assistance of freelancers in those fields. But how do you connect with Freelancers? Wondering, if there is a secure platform to connect with freelancers? If so, the answer is Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

eCommerce Fiverr Engagements Fiverr is a marketplace for Freelance services required for a business. There are close to a Million freelancers already on the platform. For any requirement of your online business, you have freelancers on Fiverr. There are 300+ categories of freelancers across 9 verticals to hire from.

Below are some of the services you can hire freelancers on Fiverr for:

Services for an Online business:

1. Branding Materials:

- Logo: A logo is a symbol, a graphic mark with an image, text, and/or shape that becomes recognition for your brand. A quality logo plays a strong role in establishing trust among the potential customers and thereby the success of the business. Statistics show that a website visitor only takes 10 seconds to form an impression of your brand logo. Fiverr houses some of the best logo designers.

- Business Cards: If a logo is a recognition, Business Cards are a representation of your business. A quality design is a must. A business card of low quality creates a negative impression of the brand.

- Brochures: A brochure is a document that highlights important information and key products of your business. It is a common marketing tool to give an idea to the potential customer about your offering. A brochure’s design must be quality & compelling enough for the customer to flip through it and check the information about your business. A poorly-designed brochure is not only a loss of investment but could potentially result in losing customers. The brochure designers on Fiverr are well-qualified to make quality & engaging brochure for your business.

- Posters & Flyers: Alike brochures, postures & flyers are marketing materials but the difference lies in the number of pages and amount of information. Brochures often run up to multiple pages typically like a book, while Flyers & Posters are single-page. Flyers and Posters are often centered around sharing particular information such as the introduction of a new product, a best-selling product, offers & contests that generate interest among potential customers.

2. Web Designing:

For an eCommerce store or an online business, a website is a place where the business happens. Hence, a quality website is a must. Studies show that 94% of the visitors leave the website with poor design. A website must be elegant, appealing, and easy to navigate. A chaotic-website will drive the visitors away. The experience of the visitor on your website is pivotal to generate repeating customers & word-of-mouth. In technical terms, this is referred to as ‘User Interface’ (UI) and ‘User Experience’ (UX). It can be achieved by choosing the right & experienced freelance web designers from Fiverr. Let them know your expectations and the output you expect, and watch them unfold the magic. For increasing the effectiveness of your website and increasing the conversion, you could choose to add a Chatbot to your website.

3. Digital Marketing:

eCommerce Fiverr Engagements Social Media Marketing is the mode of marketing for an eCommerce Store or an online business. The world has turned digital. Social media has become an inclusive part of the lives of all of us. Moreover, since you are selling digitally, reaching out to the customers digitally is the way forward. This process includes strategizing the social media that would be most effective for your business, creating your social media profiles, managing the pages, and advertising among the right target market. If it is an online shopping website, images-based platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest would help you bring more customers. Instagram, undoubtedly, leads as a top choice of eCommerce stores for product marketing and helps drive sales as well. Instagram has over 1 billion active users on the platform. Not just that, more than 80% of users follow at least one brand, 50% of them actively visit a business profile every day. Instagram has also become the place wherein the users get introduced to the products first instead of online store websites. More than 60% of users learn about new products through Instagram. Around 72% of Instagram users report that they purchased a product after seeing it on the app.

Post quality images of your products, offers, contests, and other details that might excite potential customers. You, as an eCommerce store owner, might lack the expertise or simply might not just have enough time to maintain social media pages consistently and execute marketing campaigns. In such situations, digital marketers & experts on Fiverr are the Go-To people. If you build a relationship well, they might be an extended arm of your business.

4. Graphic Designing:

From product photography, designing images for social media posts, images for marketing campaigns, graphic designing is at the heart of an eCommerce Store. You might be in requirement of below-mentioned types of services:

eCommerce Fiverr Engagements - Illustrations: In simple words, an Illustration is a visual explanation of a concept or a message. Some of your marketing campaigns might need illustrations.

- Photoshop Editing: Most of the quality designs are created through Photoshop. Photoshop is an abode for designers. All image designs for social media posts and otherwise, are the image edits on Photoshop by the designers.

- Web banners: Web banners are a type of banners designed for usage as banner ads in PPC campaigns.

You can get the illustrations, Photoshop edits, and web banners from the freelancers on Fiverr.

5. Website Content & SEO:

According to the data by Hubspot, 38% of people stop engaging with a website if the Content or layout is unattractive. Website content is as important as the images. From the content on your homepage to product descriptions- the content should be engaging and entice & motivate them to purchase the product. A large part of the traffic for an eCommerce store comes from searches on Google and other search engines. Hence, the content on the website needs to be SEO-optimized with relevant keywords to attract more visits to your website. According to the latest data by Safari Digital, 57% of SEO Experts rank content creation and content marketing as the n#1 way for driving traffic to your website through search marketing.

6. Email Content & Newsletter setup:

Email marketing helps you keep the existing customers engaged. You could share updates about new product launches, offers, or contests, the latest blog post with your existing and potential customers. Moreover, there are other types of emails that can be sent as well:

- Welcome Series: A welcome mail as soon as a visitor shares their email address

eCommerce Fiverr Engagements - Abandoned Cart: The abandoned cart is a major issue for eCommerce stores. A potential customer adds items to the cart but leaves without making a purchase. Follow-up emails for recovery of abandoned carts will help you increase the conversion rate.

- Post-Purchase Follow-up: Collecting feedback from customers is a key aspect of after-sale service.

- Offers of Upsell: You can send them the products that might be relevant to them according to their past purchases. It increases the chances of purchase and helps you increase your revenue.

- Education Mail: Educating the customers about your products is yet another way of triggering interests.

All of these Email types require the content to be engaging for optimizing the results. If you do not have expertise with content, that’s not a problem. You can hire Email content experts from Fiverr who can prepare the required email content for you. If you aren’t sure of the ways to set up a Newsletter, the experts from Fiverr could help with that as well.

7. Video for Marketing:

Video Marketing is rising as people prefer to watch videos than reading written content. According to Wyzowl, 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website and 83% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads.

- Video Ads: A video prepared with an objective to become an advertisement on social media. The video needs to be engaging and interactive to hold the attention of the viewer.

- Product Explainer Videos: These videos are created to explain or educate the viewer about a product or service. Hence, if done well, videos can turn out to be a huge asset for your business. Many freelancers on Fiverr are experts at creating videos. You can rely on their expertise.

8. eCommerce Marketing:

eCommerce Marketing includes promotions and strategies with marketing campaigns that can help boost your sales. Whether you are selling on the marketplaces like Amazon, or own a Shopify/WordPress store, the marketing experts on Fiverr will help you with all the steps from choosing the winning products to running successful campaigns. Some of them even promote your business in their network of followers.

9. Content for Blog Posts:

eCommerce Fiverr Engagements Consistent blog posts not only keep your existing customers engaged and educated but helps drive more traffic from searches. Regular blog posts on the subjects around your industry increase the trust factor as well. If you are a solopreneur, it might be difficult to manage time to writing blog posts regularly along with other activities of your business. If you wish that you had a content writer with you, it could be heavy on your pocket especially in the initial stage of your business. Freelance content writer on Fiverr can be of your assistance.

10. Product Research (Dropshipping):

If you are starting a dropshipping business, choosing the winning products that would sell well becomes a pivotal aspect. You wouldn’t want to add the products that your audience isn’t looking for. Whether or not, a product on your website will be successful depends on various factors including, your geography, climatic conditions, preferences of people, and demand for that product or niche. Although, you can automate the process of importing products through plugins like AliScraper or Dropship.me; if you wish a human to make those decisions, you could hire product experts from Fiverr who can choose the best products for you.


eCommerce Fiverr Engagements

eCommerce Fiverr Engagements

eCommerce Fiverr Engagements


Fiverr acts as an extending arm of your online business. If chosen right according to your requirement and reviews, you can rely on the services of Freelancers that they would produce quality in the work assigned to them. No matter which part of the world you are from, you can get your work done. Hiring teams for all types of work can get costlier. Getting the work done through freelancers is the way forward. Have you ever hired a freelancer through Fiverr? Do let us know in the comments below.

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