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5 Tips For Growing A Brand Community

Growing A Brand Community Consistency is key for growing a brand community. Whether the employees of a company work in the office or remotely, management can take measures to cultivate community.
Displaying branded designs and materials in virtual and real-world formats, engaging with customers on social channels and using immersive view Zoom backgrounds can plant seeds that grow a community around a brand. Discover the benefits of brand communities and get tips to foster a flourishing community around your brand.

Benefits Of Forming A Brand Community

Some benefits of loyal and tight-knit brand communities are more apparent than others. Most companies want a growing base of customers who are more likely to repurchase and recommend products and services. It often takes an intentional decision on the part of stakeholders to invest time and resources in building a community around a brand. Here are five tried-and-true ways for any brand to form a community.

Go Beyond Your Product Or Service

Loyal customers are the most obvious benefit of a brand community. While it is essential that a brand sell high-quality products and services, customer loyalty is also based on other factors. Projecting a sense of group identity often makes outsiders want to join. Watch what happens when you add virtual background in Teams and outgoing Zoom calls.

Growing A Brand Community Connect With Customers

Brand communities primarily consist of customers. A company can gather a community on its website or social media channels. It is easier to grow followings on platforms that customers already use. Consider social media demographics and any available advertising data when deciding where to direct community-building efforts.

Develop Brand Loyalty

Quality products and positive perceptions of the culture, identity and values of a brand can increase loyalty among customers and employees alike. In general, brands should not suppress honest, relevant criticism in product or service reviews. Studies show that customers trust brands that have a lot of good feedback and respond constructively to dissatisfied customers to make things right.

Support Brand Ambassadors

While employees are paid to represent a brand, some customers who participate in brand communities also emerge as ambassadors. It can be worthwhile for brands to work with relevant influencers, even if these users only have moderate followings. Having trustworthy and respected voices speak out in favor of a company will assemble a more solid and lasting community around a brand.

Encourage Brand Engagement
Companies that want to build communities should consider ways to increase brand visibility in internal and external interactions. Have employees use a branded Zoom office background or a branded virtual office background for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Skype. Focus on increasing engagement on social media and directing traffic toward review sites or a business website.
A brand that presents a consistent internal and external image to employees and customers can have an easier time growing a community. Companies that prioritize providing high-quality products or services and that take the time to encourage collaboration among staff and invite feedback from customers are more likely to develop enduring brand communities.

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